Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Name

This is the list of the 10 most expensive domains in the world. These names were very useful to the people who bought them and they were ready to buy it for a very high price.
  1. – This is most important and most expensive word in the world today as this domain has been sold for $14 million on January 19th, 2006.
  2. – Money cannot be far behind the list. This is 2nd number domain which is sold at $10 million in 2009. Bought by Meade Technology which is law firm in New York, today they are into funds buying and selling.
  3. –This website Sold for $9,500,000 in 2007 in cash. This is an adult website. This is highest cash money involved in domain sale.

  4. – This website meant business. It has to be in the list. The price of this website is $7.5 million.      
  5. 5. – Women’s best friend cannot be far behind. This domain name is sold for $7,500,000 which is same as sold this to Odimo. Today deals with diamond jewellary for men and women.
  6. – Beer has universal appeal. Interbrew which is Belgium producer of beer has bought this domain for $ 7 million. He took it from William Fisher who is a web developer in 2004. Today the information on this website is not related to beer but for the men who enjoy beer and who want to enjoy life with beer.
  7. – This deal has taken place in 2003 but there are no other details available about this private sale. The price of the deal is $5,500,000 .
  8. – The actual meaning of this website is ‘as seen on TV’. This is dedicated for the shopping what you have seen on TV. This domain has been sold for $5,100,000 in January 2000.
  9. – This is the only domain name which is part of the most expensive list and it is name of the country. The deal was between Koreans only. Korean Telecommunication Company bought it for $ 5 million. 
  10. – This is yellow page domain purchased by telecommunication giant AT&T. This domain has been sold for $3,850,000 by RealDeal which was related to local selling and buying.

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  1. Anonim9:44 PM

    Most of the sold domain names are dot com. But there is few "not .com" domain names which break the record, for example was sold for USD 1.4 million, for USD 1.8 million and for USD 1.1 million