How to increase Alexa traffic ranking

How to increase Alexa traffic ranking | Using internet in free time to communicate with other people for maintaining new or existing relationships; or searching for information, news and entertainment tools is the part of life of today’s tech-savvy people. More over it’s today’s need as many of the businesses are blooming through internet. Loads of companies and institutions are making themselves visible on internet as it has become the substantial and effective medium to get exposed round the globe. Each day the numbers of websites are adding up in the long list of World Wide Web. Today we can find the market of webmasters and even small or big business websites or web portals those are willing to enlarge their sphere of business.

The traffic rank of the particular website is based totally on three months of aggregated data obtained from millions of Alexa users. The Alexa traffic rank depends on the combination of page viewrs and the number of Alexa users visiting a website each day and also on the percentage of internet users visiting a particular site. Site having less than 1,000 page viewers per month is not ranked by Alexa and the sites containing identical content are considered as the same site.