Flights to Beautiful Bengkulu

Amongst the five main islands forming the archipelago of Indonesia, Sumatra is one. In the south west coast of this island, Bengkulu is a province which is mostly visited by the weekenders being attracted by its wonderful beaches. If you want to reach the capital city of this province, Bengkulu from any part of Indonesia and abroad, then the best option is to avail Flights to Bengkulu.

The world class services provided by the flights plying in this remote air routes are no less than any major air routes served by Flights to Indonesia.

The air borne passengers can only fly down to Bengkulu by any direct flight from Jakarta. As Jakarta International Airport supports a wide range of airlines, so with any of these you can reach Jakarta before heading for Bengkulu. The daily Flights to Bengkulu are served by the following airlines: Lion air,Sriwijaya Air or Mandala Air
You can get daily three Flights to Bengkulu from Jakarta with Adam Air. If you want to fly with the other airlines mentioned above, you can avail of daily one flight from Jakarta.

After landing at Fatmawati Airport, Bengkulu by any of these direct Flights to Bengkulu, drive short to reach the downtown. You can pick a hotel from the following list according to your budget:
  • Hotel Horizon, Jl Pantai Nala No.142,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Bunda, Jl. Sutoyo No. 57,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Dena,Jl. Fatmawati No. 29,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Cempaka Raya, Jl. Mayjen. Sutoyo No.135, Bengkulu
  • Hotel Asia,Jl. A Yani No. 922,,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Asoka, Jl. Sutoyo No. 56 / V,Bengkulu
The major attraction of Bengkulu is its beautiful beach Pantai Panjang and Pasir Putih Beach. For enjoying your holidays to the fullest extent, you can also stay in the beach resorts. Travel one hour or less by fishing boat or speed boat and explore Tikus Island which is popular for its marine tourism. If you want a wonderful sunset view, you are to visit Tapak Padri and Pantai Jakat nearby Bengkulu city.

The Best Waterfall Tourism Indonesian

1. Nine Level Waterfall , North Bengkulu
Curup (waterfall) Level Nine tourism is still a mainstay of North Bengkulu regency, Bengkulu province which many tourists visit both domestic and foreign.
"This tourism is to become one of the favorite tourist who visited in Bengkulu, as unique and has a uniqueness,"

The uniqueness of the waterfall, the water that flows from the top of the hill formed nine levels, is very different from the waterfall in the water that falls straight from top to bottom.
waterfalls falling levels there are only formed in North Bengkulu, Bengkulu.
Interestingly, the respective levels also formed several waterfalls, giving the spectacular natural scenery.
Curup nine Terjun water level, is located in the area of natural forest protection, ideal tourists visited the lover of nature and fun adventure in the outdoors.
In the forest area around the waterfall, he said, there are many rare fauna and flora.
Location tourism that is unique, in Padang Jaya village, with a distance about 120 km from the Airport Fatmawati, Bengkulu City.
To go to that location, the road has been built that can be passed by four-wheel drive vehicle. For tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding provided a guide.

2. Batanta Waterfall, Papua

Batanta waterfall is one of the objects in Papua and the excellent tourism at Raja Ampat Islands.
After spending the time to dive into oceans, expedition team intends to see the beauty of nature in the various islands in the Raja Ampat. One aim is to visit waterfalls Batanta.
After breakfast, the team entered the direct speed boat that will deliver to the destination. After about 30 minutes across the sea, speed boat arrived in a village near the estuary Arefi in the coastal area of Pulau Batanta.
James, our guide, the boat slowly entered the river to the hinterland. On the left and right along the river is only visible through mangroves. Suddenly, a crocodile hiding behind the root of mangroves along the river.

3. Madakaripura - Probolinggo Jawa Timur

Mount Bromo tourist area appeared to save a location and a unique tour captivating. Location not far from the sea sand Bromo, only about 45 minutes to Probolinggo direction (to the North). His name is waterfall Madakaripura. According to the local name is taken from the story of the yore, it seems Patih the end of the Gajah Mada hayatnya with bersemedi in this tejun water. This story is supported with a statue of Gajah Mada in the parking lot area. To reach the tour is not too difficult. Visits should be done if we are going to Bromo Probolinggo direction because of the direction of the trip or while on the Bromo and conducted morning.

4. Curug waterfall Cimahi

Water, one of the basic elements of life, have the effect of calm. Waterfall combined with the lush beauty of nature nan will leave you spellbound. Located in the Cisarua village, about 10 kilometers from Cimahi, or about 1 hour from the city of Bandung, Curug (in Sundanese language means "waterfall") Cimahi according to them, those who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere, but only have a little time to travel. Waterfall at 85 meters this is the spectacular scenery.
How to Achieve This Region
With rent a car.
Using the transport to the city of Cimahi-Lembang or Cimahi

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The Most 8 Visited Place 2009 In Indonesia

Indonesia is the country’s thousand island because many are actually doing it very beautiful tour that we can visit in this place. This is just information for those of you who want to visit Indonesia and did not know where that is chosen to be the purpose of your vacations.
Here are some places that a regular tourist destination and has a very beautiful scene, for example:
1. At Kuta Beach Bali
This is the top tourist attractions from the most frequently visited, located in the south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali Indonesia, precisely in the Badung Regency. This is an area the most popular destination for many tourists who visit this place, especially foreign tourists. Kuta Beach in Bali is very popular because of the sun and also the destination of sunburn are well known. Around this beach, there are restaurants, hotels and several shops.
2. Lake Toba
Lake located in North Sumatra, Indonesia is in the middle there is a vulkanik island called Pulau Samosir that because the process of nature. Besides, this place is known by the name of the Heaven sumatera because of the beautiful scenery of the lake sisaat the dawn break and sink.
3. Borobudur Temple
A very famous temple in Central Java is located southwest 100kn Semarang and 40m to the northwest Yogjakarta. This temple was founded by the Buddhist Mahayana religion around 800 years-an-Christian government in the dynasty dynasty. Why does this temple to be a very interesting place to visit because there is a history in it.
4. Senggigi Beach
This beach is the famous tourist attractions in Lombok. Located in the west peisir island of Lombok. That make the landscape more interesting is that the beautiful scenery and the very bottom of the marine and the beautiful Terumbu karangnya beautiful. Because of the activity here is carried out serig snorkeling.
5. Bunaken Island
This island is part of the city of Manado, the provincial capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Around the island of Bunaken Bunaken marine park there which is part of National Park Marine Manado Tua. This marine park has a marine biodiversity one of the highest in the world. Scuba dive attracts many visitors to the island. Overall Bunaken marine park covers area of 75,265 hectares with five islands that are in it, that is, the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Pulau Mantehage following some children pulaunya, and Island Naen. Although the area covers 75,265 hectares, the location of dive (diving), only limited in each of the five beaches encircle the island.
6. Parangtritis Beach
In addition to the Borobudur temple is also visited by many in Central Java. This place is worth to visit because it has a unique scenery that does not exist in the tourism object is other than the great waves of the mountain - a mountain of sand tinngi around the beach, mountains of sand is usually called gumuk.
7. Pangandaran Beach
Located in Pananjung Village,Pangandaran beach with distance ± 92 km south of the city Ciamis. Some of the specialty of this beach are:
  • Be able to see the sun rise and sinking one of the same place
  • Sloping beach with crystal clear water and the distance between the tide and low tide is relatively long, making it possible for us to swim safely
  • There is a beach with white sand carpet
  • There is a team savior coast tour
  • Street environment mulus asphalt roads with adequate lightingThere is a garden with a fish-sea fish and sea life that mesmerize.
  • Sea of intent, ie, a ceremony conducted in Pangandaran fishermen as the embodiment of their sense of gratitude to the kindness of God YME way melarung offerings to the high seas. This event is usually held on every month Muharram, taking place in the East Coast Speed.
  • Researcher in the Festival International (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) with a variety of supporting activities that we can see each month in June or July.
8. Tangkuban Perahu mountain
One of the mountain which is located in West Java Province, Indonesia, about 20 km north of Bandung direction. Ii place famous for the legend Sangkuriang always arround this places, so many people come because you want to know about the legend of the mountain and resemble a boat.

Eight place is a place above is the most frequently visited and is very popular which is the main tourist destination of some people who want to spend your vacation time.

The Bermuda Triangle

The "Bermuda Triangle" or "Devil's Triangle" is an imaginary area located off the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States of America, which is noted for a supposedly high incidence of unexplained disappearances of ships and aircraft.
The apexes of the triangle are generally believed to be Bermuda; Miami, Florida; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The US Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name. The US Navy does not believe the Bermuda Triangle exists. It is reported that Lloyd's of London, the world's leading market for specialist insurance, does not charge higher premiums for vessels transiting this heavily traveled area.
The most famous US Navy losses which have occurred in the area popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle are USS Cyclops in March 1918 and the aircraft of Flight 19 in December 1945. The ship probably sank in an unexpected storm, and the aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean -- no physical traces of them have ever been found. Another well known disappearance is the civilian tanker SS Marine Sulphur Queen carrying bulk molten sulfur which sank in February 1963. Although the wreck of Marine Sulphur Queen has not been located, a life preserver and other floating artifacts were recovered. These disappearances have been used to provide credence to the popular belief in the mystery and purported supernatural qualities of the "Bermuda Triangle."

Since the days of early civilization many thousands of ships have sunk and/or disappeared in waters around the world due to navigational and other human errors, storms, piracy, fires, and structural/mechanical failures. Aircraft are subject to the same problems, and many of them have crashed at sea around the globe. Often, there were no living witnesses to the sinking or crash, and hence the exact cause of the loss and the location of the lost ship or aircraft are unknown. A large number of pleasure boats travel the waters between Florida and the Bahamas. All too often, crossings are attempted with too small a boat, insufficient knowledge of the area's hazards, and a lack of good seamanship.

To see how common accidents are at sea, you can examine some of the recent accident reports of the National Transportation Safety Board for ships and aircraft. One of the aircraft accident reports concerns an in-flight engine failure and subsequent ditching of a Cessna aircraft near Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas on 13 July 2003. This is the type of accident that would likely have been attributed to mysterious causes in the Bermuda Triangle if there had been no survivors or other eyewitnesses of the crash.

A significant factor with regard to missing vessels in the Bermuda Triangle is a strong ocean current called the Gulf Stream. It is extremely swift and turbulent and can quickly erase evidence of a disaster. The weather also plays its role. Prior to the development of telegraph, radio and radar, sailors did not know a storm or hurricane was nearby until it appeared on the horizon. For example, the Continental Navy sloop Saratoga was lost off the Bahamas in such a storm with all her crew on 18 March 1781. Many other US Navy ships have been lost at sea in storms around the world. Sudden local thunder storms and water spouts can sometimes spell disaster for mariners and air crews. Finally, the topography of the ocean floor varies from extensive shoals around the islands to some of the deepest marine trenches in the world. With the interaction of the strong currents over the many reefs the topography of the ocean bottom is in a state of flux and the development of new navigational hazards can sometimes be swift.

It has been inaccurately claimed that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the two places on earth at which a magnetic compass points towards true north. Normally a compass will point toward magnetic north. The difference between the two is known as compass variation. The amount of variation changes by as much as 60 degrees at various locations around the World. If this compass variation or error is not compensated for, navigators can find themselves far off course and in deep trouble. Although in the past this compass variation did affect the "Bermuda Triangle" region, due to fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field this has apparently not been the case since the nineteenth century.

We know of no US Government-issued maps that delineate the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle. However, general maps as well as nautical and aviation charts of the general area are widely available in libraries and from commercial map dealers.

The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures of Modern Times

10 mystifying beasts that science has yet to explain
By Stephen Wagner,
THERE ARE CREATURES that lurk out there in the dark, that haunt the isolated forests of the world, that hide in the icy depths of the deepest lakes.
They appear unexpectedly and inexplicably, then vanish just as mysteriously, usually leaving witnesses dumbfounded, frightened and, unfortunately in most cases, without a shred of evidence. Yet the eyewitness stories of these creatures persist, haunting the darkness as well as our imaginations. Here, for your consideration (and in no particular order) are the top 10 most mysterious, unexplained creatures of all time. Some are more likely to really exist than others, but we'll leave that judgment up to you.

1. Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti

These hairy apemen are probably the most consistently witnessed unknown creatures in the world. Whether they are called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape or Yowie, they have been seen in isolated woodlands and mountain areas in virtually every corner of the globe. And the descriptions - from the North American northwest to Florida to Australia - are remarkably consistent:

  • taller than an average man (seven to eight feet)
  • covered with long brown or auburn hair (or white hair in the case of the Yeti)
  • a strong, repugnant odor
  • large feet, as evidenced by castings of footprints
  • an aversion to man
  • a piercing, eerie howl
The vast number of sightings, many by highly reliable witnesses, gives Bigfoot, in my estimation, the best likelihood of being a real creature as yet unknown to science. But what is it? A missing link? Some ancient relative of humans that somehow has survived in the wilderness? An unknown species of ape?

We may find out someday soon. Sightings seem to be on the increase as mankind encroaches deeper and deeper on the wilderness. And technology may aid in the search. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization recently announced its intention to place motion-triggered digital webcams in various areas of US forest where the hairy beast has been seen. This 24-hour surveillance with potentially thousands of computer-based witnesses looking on will dramatically increase the chances of obtaining credible evidence.

For the diehard skeptic, nothing less than a captured specimen will do - or at least some other tangible evidence. And one that could qualify has recently emerged: an impression of Bigfoot's butt. No kidding. Researchers in the American northwest have found what appears to be the impression in the ground of where a large hairy primate has sat. Hey, he's got to rest those big feet sometime.

2. Loch Ness Monster (and other Lake monsters)

Despite excellent expeditions with sophisticated electronic equipment, the lake monsters of the world continue to elude scientists. Yet spontaneous sightings by good witnesses, although rare, persist.

The Loch Ness monster, or Nessie, is undoubtedly the most well-known of these aquatic mysteries. But other deep, cold lakes around the world have their own legendary beasts: Chessie in Chesapeake Bay, Storsie in Sweden's Lake Storsjön, Selma in Norway's Lake Seljordsvatnet and "Champ" in New York's Lake Champlain among others.
Descriptions of this creature, too, are amazingly similar:
  • a large creature with a long neck
  • a horse-like head
  • a humped back
Most sightings report the humps protruding from the surface of the water (which skeptics dismiss as being almost anything, from schools of fish to floating logs), but occasionally a lucky witness will see the creature stretch its neck high above the water and look around a bit before submerging.

Photo and video evidence is rare. And although some of the photos are tantalizing (most notably the famous "flipper" photo taken by the Rines expedition in 1975), most such "proof" is fuzzy or inconclusive at best.

If the creature does exist, many researchers suspect that it could be a kind of plesiosaur - an animal from the age of the dinosaurs that is thought to have become extinct more than 66 million years ago. Could a lineage of these incredible creatures possibly have survived?

Chicken Police Int series version

Chicken Police Int series version
Interviewed on 18th November 2008 in Bullhead City, Arizona. Featured in Episode 4 of the international series version of Rude Tube.

Ramalan Mama Lauren: Tokoh Muda, Presiden Indonesia 2014

Pada salah satu episode saat Democrazy Metro TV menampilkan Mama Lauren sebagai salah satu nara sumber untuk menelisik persoalan politik bangsa ini.Pada episode ini, ada beberapa topik yang dibahas, seperti kasus Manohara Odelia Pinot yang menampilkan Syech Puji Jadi-jadian, dan paranormal terkenal Mama Lauren. Nah, apa Ramalan Mama Lauren untuk pemilihan presiden Indonesia??

Episode yang menarik adalah pada saat Democrazy mencoba untuk memasang-masangkan capres & cawapres yang akan bertarung dalam Pilpres 2009 ini. Di layar monitor ditampilkan capres beserta cawapres yang akan mendampingi. Saat SBY disandingkan dengan Sri Mulyani/ Boediono, Mama Lauren bilang bahwa untuk Sri Mulyani masih dibutuhkan untuk menangani masalah ekonomi, sehingga posisi cawapres ‘tidak pas’. Sementara ketika SBY dipasangkan dengan Hatta Radjasa/ Akbar Tanjung. Mama Lauren tidak mau menyebutkan nama siapa yang berpeluang terbesar, tapi lucunya si mama peramal ini memberi ciri-ciri fisik yang dimaksud, yaitu yang hidungnya lebih besar itu yang punya peluang mendampingi SBY :P .Secara garis besar, Ramalan Mama Lauren tentang sosok SBY masih begitu kuat, tidak ada penandingnya untuk sementara ini. Lebih jauh Mama Lauren menjelaskan, sebenarnya ada yang bisa menandingi SBY tapi sayangnya orang ini tidak dicalonkan menjadi Presiden, karena ‘ia’ bukan orang partai, tapi punya pengalaman matang di militer & pemerintahan, bahkan cukup terkenal & terpandang.(hmm siapa yah??)
Ramalan Mama Lauren tentang calon presiden lainnya, tampaknya mengisyaratkan tidak terlalu berat untuk menjadi pesaing SBY di Pilpres kali ini. Bahkan ketika disodorkan pasangan JK-Wiranto. Mama Lauren cuma bilang, Wiranto terlalu lembut, terlalu kebapakan. Sementara ketika muncul Megawati-Prabowo, terawang Mama Lauren masih berkata ‘tidak cocok’.

Yang membuat semakin menarik, adalah adanya ramalan Mama Lauren tentang Presiden Indonesia 2014. Disebutkan, meski kondisi alam tetap tidak ‘baik’ tapi Indonesia akan menjadi lebih baik. Selain itu, negeri yang tengah belajar makna demokrasi ini akan dipimpin oleh Presiden dari kaum muda..oh ya..benarkah..?!/Ada-ada saja...saya(red-penulis hanya menganggap ramalan ini sebuah guyonan saja..tidak ada maksud untuk membuat pembaca percaya dengan dunia ramal meramal)

Luar Biasa !!!

Pernahkan Anda membayangkan..kenyataan bahwa matahari sebagai pusat tata surya kita memiliki ukuran hanya sebesar 1 pixel (ukuran debu deh) jika dibandingkan dengan Antares yang merupakan bintang ke 15 yang paling terang di angkasa.

Gambar tersebut menunjukan besar bumi dibandingkan dengan planet2 yang ukurannya lebih kecil, yaitu : Venus, Mars, Mercury, dan Pluto

Ini bumi dibandingkan dengan planet2 yang lebih besar.. Ada Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, dan Neptunus.


Matahari.. lihatlah ukuran bumi...

Disini matahari saja terlihat kecil, apalagi bumi..

Dan disini matahari sudah tak terlihat, bagaimana dengan bumi..?

Dengan perbandingan diatas tadi,
setidaknya kita menjadi sadar betapa kecilnya bumi dan apalagi kita sebagai penghuninya.
jagat raya yang sangat besar dalam skala ini bumi kita tidak kelihatan lagi
di sini matahari hanya sebesar debu.
Antares adalah bintang ke-15 yang paling terang di angkasa

Gw sempet berpikir juga... Siapakah kita...?
Layakkah kita sombong dihadapan Tuhan?
Apakah tujuan hidup kita...
Apa yg membuat hidup kita, manusia, berharga?

Sori banget kalo gambar2 :repost2
Gw hanya tebesit pikiran ngeliat perbandingan2 tersebut..

Misteri Terpopuler di Dunia

Salah satu situs ilmiah, mengumpulkan berbagai situasi dan kondisi yang fenomenal dari berbagai belahan dunia. Beberapa diantaranya adalah :

1. The Taos Hum

Masyarakat dan pengunjung di Sebuah kota kecil di New Mexico, Taos,

selama bertahun-tahun merasakan gangguan dan keheranan dari suara dengungan frekwensi rendah di udara padang pasir. Janggalnya hanya 2% dari penduduk Taos yang melaporkan hal ini. Beberapa percaya ini disebabkan oleh akustik yang tidak biasa, beberapa orang mencuriga adanya histeria masal dari sesuatu yang rahasia dan mengerikan. Belum ada satupun manusia yang dapat menemukan sumber dengungan tersebut..


2. Si Kaki Raksasa - Bigfoot

Selama beberapa dekade, raksasa berbulu, monster seperti manusia bernama Bigfoot banyak dilaporkan keberadaannya di Amerika. Meskipun ribuan Bigfoot harus eksis untuk mencari makan, tidak satupun tubuhnya diketemukan. Bangkai atau mayat mereka yang berasal dari pemburuan, tabrakan atau meninggal secara alami, juga belum pernah diketemukan. Beberapa foto jejak kaki raksasa mereka banyak di beritakan. Misteri ini belum terpecahkan sampai saat ini.


3. Intuisi

Kita dapat mengatakan ini sebagai "indera ke-enam", perasaan, atau hal lain. Kadang kita merasakan adanya intuisi dari waktu kewaktu. Tentu saja banyak dari "perasaan" itu yg salah, tapi hal itu kadang terasa benar. Ilmuwan dan psikolog mencatat bahwa manusia membawa informasi bawah sadar tentang kehidupan di sekeliling kita, yang membawa kita merasa tahu sesuatu tapi kita tidak mengetahui kondisi atau kejadian yang sebenarnya, atau mengapa kita tahu itu. Intuisi amat sulit untuk dibuktikan dan dipelajari, dan psikologi adalah satu-satunya ilmu pengetahuan yang dapat menjawabnya.

4. Hilangnya Orang Secara Misterius

Manusia hilang untuk berbagai alasan. Kebanyakan melarikan diri atau terbunuh, tapi beberapa dapat diketemukan. Tapi tidak dengan hilangnya manusia secara misterius mulai dari para kru Marie Celeste sampai ke Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, dan Natalee Holloway, beberapa orang menghilang tanpa jejak. Dan pencarian mereka sampai sekarang masih belum mendapatkan hasil.. kemana perginya ya??

5. Hantu

Sejak dulu banyak diantara kita yang takut dengan ini, penampakan mereka bahkan sampai pada kepercayaan adanya mereka masih menjadi tanda tanya. Adakah hantu di sekitar kita? Bisakah mereka dibuktikan secara ilmiah? Setiap negara memiliki budaya berbeda dengan negara lain tentu memiliki kisah hantu yang berbeda. Contohnya hantu vampire, dracula, warewolf di Amerika tidak ada di Indonesia yang sebaliknya memiliki Kuntilanak, Gendoruwo, wewe gombel dan lain-lain. Hantu merupakan misteri yang masih menjadi bagian hidup kita. Diharapkan suatu hari nanti ada penyelidik hantu yang dapat membuktikan bahwa yang mati dapat berkomunikasi dengan yang hidup dan menjawab misteri ini.

deja vu

6. Deja Vu

Frase ini berasal dari Perancis yang berarti "Sudah pernah melihatnya", mengacu pada sebuah pengalaman dan perasaan misterius tentang tempat, keadaan dan suasana dimana kita serasa pernah mengalaminya. Sebagai contoh misalkan kamu berada di sebuah desa asing yang belum pernah kamu datangi, tapi kamu merasa amat akrab dan pernah melihat suasana serta lingkungan desa tersebut. Ada yang percaya bahwa Deja vu adalah pengalaman yang pernah manusia alami pada kehidupan sebelumnya. Seperti juga intuisi, riset tentang psikologi manusia dapat menawarkan jawaban yang lebih alami, tapi fenomena ini tetap misteri..


7. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)

Benda asing tak dikenal atau UFO tidak diragukan lagi ada. Banyak sudah orang yang melihat, memotret dan mengambil video-nya. Beberapa saksi melihat sesuatu benda di angkasa yang tampak asing, beberapa bahkan memiliki pengalaman pernah bertemu muka dengan sosok mahluk asing yang tampaknya berasal dari luar bumi ini. Darimana mereka berasal? Apakah mereka dapat berkomunikasi dengan manusia? Hal ini masih menjadi misteri seperti halnya misteri Hantu dan fenomena mahluk-mahluk asing lainnya.

8. Kehidupan Sesudah Kematian dan Pengalaman Mendekati Kematian

Orang yang pernah sekarat, koma atau hampir mati kadang melaporkan pengalamannya seperti masuk kedalam terowongan, melihat cahaya, bersatu kembali dengan mereka yang sudah mati, atau merasakan suasanya yang damai, tenteram dan lain sebagainya.Tapi anehnya belum ada cerita yang sama persis satu dengan lainnya. Orang-orang skeptis merasa bahwa pengalaman ini diakibatkan oleh halusinasi dari kondisi traumatik pada otak manusia. Sampai saat ini belum ada yang dapat menjelaskannya dengan baik dan ilmiah.

9. Kekuatan Supranatural dan ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception)

Paranormal ada dimana-mana di seluruh dunia, di Indonesia dapat dirasakan kehadiran mereka diterima secara alami dan dianggap lumrah. Kemampuan psikis dan ESP adalah bagian dari misteri dunia yang belum terpecahkan. Pembuktiannya terkadang terlalu dibuat-buat mengacu pada kepercayaan manusia terhadap kekuatan yang lebih besar di dunia ini. Ilmu pengetahuan belum dapat memecahkan hal ini dengan jelas, tapi eksistensinya juga tidak dapat dibantah oleh kita. Terutama untuk kita orang Indonesia yang amat religius dan masih membawa budaya timur yang penuh dengan misteri.

10. Tautan Antara Pikiran dan Tubuh

Ilmu pengetahuan di bidang kedokteran adalah satu-satunya yang dapat mulai menjelaskan cara bagaimana pikiran dapat mempengaruhi tubuh. Efek Placebo sebagai contohnya mendemonstrasikan tentang beberapa orang yang dapat kembali sehat dan sembuh dari penyakitnya atau malah bahkan sakit dan menderita hanya karena mereka percaya bahwa itu akan terjadi. Tapi pembuktian secara medis dan ilmiah amatlah lemah, karena tubuh kita memiliki kemampuan yang amat luar biasa dalam penyembuhan bahkan melebihi kemampuan obat yang paling canggih sekalipun.

Misteri dan fenomena di atas menggambarkan bahwa manusia masih terlampau muda untuk berkata bahwa dunia ini sudah diketahui secara mendalam. Berbagai upaya penelitian dan pencarian masih terus dilakukan. Sampai kapan ya?? Itu juga masih misterius.

( Dari berbagai sumber )

Gunung Api Raksasa Bawah Laut Bengkulu

Tim yang terdiri dari gabungan para pakar geologi Indonesia, AS, dan Perancis berhasil menemukan gunung api raksasa di bawah perairan barat Sumatera. Gunung api tersebut berdiameter 50 km dan tinggi 4.600 meter dan berada 330 km arah barat Kota Bengkulu.
Para ahli geologi ini berasal dari Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT), Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia ( LIPI), Departemen Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral, CGGVeritas dan IPG (Institut de Physique du Globe) Paris.

"Gunung api ini sangat besar dan tinggi. Di daratan Indonesia, tak ada gunung setinggi ini kecuali Gunung Jayawijaya di Papua," kata Direktur Pusat Teknologi Inventarisasi Sumber Daya Alam BPPT Yusuf Surachman kepada wartawan di Jakarta, Kamis (28/5).

Gunung api bawah laut berada di Palung Sunda di barat daya Sumatera, 330 km dari Bengkulu, di kedalaman 5,9 km dengan puncak berada di kedalaman 1.280 meter dari permukaan laut. Meskipun gunung ini diketahui memiliki kaldera yang menandainya sebagai gunung api, para pakar mengaku belum mengetahui tingkat keaktifan gunung api bawah laut ini.

"Bagaimanapun gunung api bawah laut sangat berbahaya jika meletus," katanya. Survei yang menggunakan kapal seismik Geowave Champion canggih milik CGGVeritas itu adalah yang pertama di dunia karena menggunakan streamer terpanjang, 15 km, dari yang pernah dilakukan oleh kapal survei seismik.

Tujuan dari survei ini adalah untuk mengetahui struktur geologi dalam (penetrasi sampai 50 km) yang meliputi Palung Sunda, prisma akresi, tinggian busur luar (outer arc high), dan cekungan busur muka (fore arc basin) perairan Sumatera.

Sejak gempa dan tsunami akhir 2004 dan gempa-gempa besar susulan lainnya, terjadi banyak perubahan struktur di kawasan perairan Sumatera yang menarik minat banyak peneliti asing.
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Eminem-Relapse Album Review

It's no surprise that Eminem's first new disc in five years would stick to the outline he and Dr. Dre wrote in 1997. Eminem dutifully hits all his marks here: "3 a.m." for bloody torture-porn, "My Mom" for profane family laundry-airing, "Beautiful" for carpe-diem slogans and "We Made You" for name-dropping celeb-blogging, marketed ostensibly to shock rap fans keeping up with the Jennifer Aniston/ John Mayer relationship.
But it's hard not to be as dulled to this stuff as Em repeatedly claims the drugs have made him. "Bagpipes for Baghdad" threatens by its title to be a dark detour like "Mosh" but ends up being mostly about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, and the "Paul" skit has a Christopher Reeve joke, again. There are flashes of inspiration: the brutal, brittle "Deja Vu" makes an emotional impact. It's good to hear Dr. Dre practicing his medicine again (no producer can better match Em's circus-tent horror); the disc is packed with satisfying hooks ("Must Be the Ganja," "Old Time's Sake") and Eminem's ridiculously fabulous flow. Now in his 30s, he doesn't surf the beat so much as box with it, with both brutality and no small degree of grace. That a rapper of this much verbal gymnastic ability is still making Perez Hilton cracks is too bad, but the bigger problem is that Eminem's recipe of gore and gay jokes sounds like the past.
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Top 10 The Most Sexiest 2009

FHM Version
Freida Pinto Anna Friel Kristin Kreuk Adriana Lima
Keeley Hazell Britney Spears Jessica Alba Megan Fox Cheryl Cole

10.Freida Pinto>>09.Anna Friel>>08Kristin Kreuk>>07.Elisha Cuthbert>>06.Adriana Lima

05. Keeley Hazell>>04.Britney Spears>>03.Jessica Alba>>02.Megan Fox>>01.Cheryl Cole

2009 "Cheryl Cole" The Most Sexiet #1

The #1 Most Sexiest women FHM Version
"I wish I was a bloke sometimes. There are a few things I'd like to try out as a bloke."

Nadine. Kimberley. Sarah. Nicola. The other members of Girls Aloud, in case you've forgotten.

But it's a forgivable slice of amnesia, given that 2008/09 has been all about Cheryl - never mind the bandmates. In the last 12 months, thanks to taking The X Factor by storm, the gorgeous Geordie has become Britain's most wanted star. And it's easy to see why. With her flawless skin, high cheekbones, wafer-thin waist, perfect pins and criminally underexposed cleavage, it's like God himself decided her native Newcastle was looking a bit dowdy, and needed a beacon of angel-like beauty at its centre. Add a dirty laugh and ability to repel Simon Cowell, and it's no wonder that the 25-year-old has usurped even the mighty Keeley Hazell as the UK's sexiest female. She's also been named Britain's Best Dressed Woman by Tatler, won a Brit Award, graced the covers of FHM and Vogue, climbed Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief and claimed the title of Heat's 'most fanciable female'.

And now, she accepts perhaps the ultimate accolade for womankind: the wide-eyed, reverential acclaim of FHM's readership. Such was the enormous surge in votes during the early weeks that, within a fortnight of the polls opening, she had an insurmountable lead. Seriously: at this rate of nationwide domination, it can only be a matter of time before the country converts en masse to a new religion: Cherylanity. We're imagining black and white Toon Army monk habits, and prayers that end in "howay". In fact, there may only be one question left: is she perfect? No, she has a flaw. His name's Ashley. Just say the word, Cheryl. Just say the word.

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