Free RapidLeech

Rapid Leech (introduction to Rapid Leech) requires a web server or web host to work and able to transfer and download files from file sharing sites via fast server connection. For those downloaders who do not have web hosting server, there is still possible way to use Rapid Leech script to increase download speed, in fact with added advantage of bypassing various download limits imposed by file sharing sites especially, and

The trick is to use Rapid Leech servers that’s been set up by others. There are a lot of people who install and run Rapid Leech scripts on their servers, and willing to share these fast file download service with the public for free, or ads-supported with several advertisements on the RapidLeech download service page. One extremely important advantage of using these servers, especially for non-premium non-paid free users, are ability to bypass download limitations such as download start delay and no concurrent download connection for, and restriction of download slots limit per country at

Most of all these annoying and inconveniencing download restrictions are applied based identification of IP address where the download request comes from. By using many different servers running RapidLeech to download the files from, for example, RS and MU, users are effectively rotating and changing the IP addresses all the time, and hence crack the download restrictions imposed on free users. Beside, you can check on the cached files available on the Rapid Leech servers instead of downloading from file sharing servers again and again.

To use these public RapidLeech download servers, simply enter the download link or URL to the files you needed on supported file hosting service such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, Uploading, MyTempDir, and etc to the “Link to Download” box provided. Press “Download File” when done. When downloading of files to server is done, you can instantly download the file to your local commputer. As the server is not a crack, you may still encounter error like “Download limit exceeded. You have to wait 7 minute(s) until the next download.” In this case, move on and try another server. You may also require to type in validation code.

Here’s a not complete list of available free public RapidLeech servers:

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Metallica singing Rhoma Irama's Song

Do you want to know how metallica sing rhoma irama's song, here is the video..
Mau tahu gimana gayanya Metallica kalau bawain lagu si Raja Dangdut Rhoma Irama..

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Best Ever Captcha

A CAPTCHA gives you a little test to see if you're human, not a computer auto-generating accounts.

You know, this sort of crap:

But these guys have a way better one:

How Do You Think?
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The 12 Most Amazing Comic-Con Movie Moments

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Our throats are all sore from shrieking at Robert Pattinson with all the Twi-girls and our light sabers hardly have enough juice to challenge a Sith Lord to a decent duel. And yet we still have just enough energy left to tell you all about the best parts of Comic-Con 2009.

Here are the most incredible, explosive things we learned about stars, movies and, gulp, some of your mothers:
  • Be nice to every Jack Sparrow you meet, because you never know if he's going to be Johnny Depp.
  • Kristen Stewart can't wait to get pregnant, while Rob Pattinson aches to perform a high-risk medical procedure to deliver their magical baby. Ah, young love.
  • Taylor Lautner is chatty, R.Pattz has one leg shorter than the other and K.Stew needs a hug.
  • Two new scenes from New Moon in and we still don't know if we're Team Edward or Team Jacob.
  • Botany is the only hope for the future, according to James Cameron's new movie, Avatar. Also, the future seems populated by rubbery, catlike CGI characters.
  • Gary Oldman is a gossipy goose! The next Batman will begin shooting in 2010.
  • You should fear Josh Brolin. (Megan Fox is just shy.)
  • Robert Downey Jr. made a enemy who gave him lip on the set of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Michael Keaton has not totally disappeared and will voice the part of Ken Doll in Toy Story 3.
  • Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is still waiting to be green lit. In terms of casting, those playing the Middle Earth types will be announced in two agonizing months.
  • Some of your moms' minds are in the gutter. Adult married ladies—many with children—pen R-rated Twilight fan fiction that your life-giver is reading right now.
  • Iron Man, whose sequel is said to be living up to expectations, may join a boy band of superheroes, but will probably stay solo for at least the next couple of years.
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Caspian Sea - The largest inland body of water

The Caspian Sea or Mazandaran Sea is a landlocked sea between Asia and Europe (European Russia). It is the world's largest inland body of water, with a surface area of 371,000 km² (143,000 sq. mi.), and therefore has characteristics common to both seas and lakes. It is often listed as the world's largest lake, though it is not a freshwater one.

The Caspian Sea is bordered by Russia (Dagestan, Kalmykia, Astrakhan Oblast), Republic of Azerbaijan, Iran (Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces), Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, with the central Asian steppes to the north and east. On its eastern Turkmen shore is a large embayment, the Kara Bogaz Gol.

The sea is connected to the Sea of Azov by the Manych Canal. In Antiquity it was called the Hyrcanian Ocean. Other old names for the Caspian Sea include the Mazandaran Sea, Khazar Sea and the Khvalissian Sea.

The area is rich in energy wealth. As well as recently discovered oil fields, large natural gas supplies are also in evidence, though further exploration is needed to define their full potential. Geopolitical jockeying is taking place amongst Caspian-bordering countries, especially in the light of Middle East instability and the subsequent recasting of many Western countries' energy policies. Another factor influencing this is the new US military deployment to the Central Asian region.

A key problem is the status of the Caspian Sea and the establishment of the water boundaries between the five littoral countries. Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazahkstan signed an agreement in 2003 to divide the northern 64% of the sea between themselves, although the other two bordering countries, Iran and Turkmenistan, did not agree to this. This is likely to result in the three agreeing nations proceeding with oil development regardless; Iranian and Turkmen development is likely to stall.

At present, Azerbaijan and Kazahkstan have seen the biggest increase in oil production - an increase of 70% since 1992. Despite this, the region is still achieving less than potential output, with total regional production 1.6 million barrels (250,000 m³) per day - roughly equal to Brazil's production. This is expected to triple by 2010.

The Caspian has characteristics common to both seas and lakes. It is often listed as the world's largest lake, though it is not a freshwater lake.

The Volga River (about 80% of the inflow) and the Ural River discharge into the Caspian Sea, but it is endorheic, i.e. there is no natural outflow (other than by evaporation). Thus the Caspian ecosystem is a closed basin, with its own sea level history that is independent of the eustatic level of the world's oceans. The Caspian became landlocked about 5.5 million years ago. The level of the Caspian has fallen and risen, often rapidly, many times over the centuries. Some Russian historians claim that a medieval rising of the Caspian caused the coastal towns of Khazaria, such as Atil, to flood. In 2004, the water level is -28 metres, or 28 metres below sea level.

Over the centuries, Caspian Sea levels have changed in synchronicity with the estimated discharge of the Volga, which in turn depends on rainfall levels in its vast catchment basin. Precipitation is related to variations in the amount of North Atlantic depressions that reach the interior, and they in turn are affected by cycles of the North Atlantic Oscillation. Thus levels in the Caspian sea relate to atmospheric conditions in the North Atlantic thousands of miles to the north and west. These factors make the Caspian Sea a valuable place to study the causes and effects of global climate change.

The last short-term sea-level cycle started with a sea-level fall of 3 m from 1929 to 1977, followed by a rise of 3 m from 1977 until 1995. Since then smaller oscillations have taken place. These changes have caused major environmental problems.

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How to Master Adsense

Rachelle Williams-Many people have learned how to make money by adding Adsnese to their marketing plan. I have two successful, money making blogs, and I know that the process isn't really as difficult as many believe, but it does take a lot of studying and patience. Follow this simple guide to learn how to master Adsense.
  1. Step 1

    The first step you need to take in order to master Adsense for your blog or website,is to study the Google Adsense Demos and Guides portal. Once you are there, you will need to seriously study all of the Adsense video tutorials and recorded webinars. The best place to start is the area called "Newbie Central." There is a link to the Google Adsense Demos and Guides portal beneath this article.

  2. Step 2

    Once you feel like you have a basic grasp of how Adsense works from studying the demos and guides, you will need to make sure to stay on top of things. You can do this by following the Adsense team on Twitter, reading the official Adsense blog, and joining the official Adsense Google Group. A link for each program can be found below this article.

  3. Step 3

    Perhaps the most important step you will need to take is to learn everything that Adsense has to teach you about search engine optimization (SEO). There is no better place to learn about SEO techniques than from the people who run the world's number one search engine, Google. You will want to devour the optimization tips in order to succeed at running a profitable site or blog with Adsense ads. Of course, there is a link to the Adsense Optimization basics page beneath this article.

  4. Step 4

    Finally, you will need to be able to keep yourself motivated because it will take a lot of time and patience to start earning a substantial amount of money with Adsense. Read the Success stories from the Adsense Resources page and try to interact with other bloggers who are on the same path as you.

    Keep on learning all that you can about the ins and outs of Adsense, stay immersed in the Adsense community, and follow all of the suggestions that Adesnse will freely give to you about optimization, and you will eventually become an Adsense master.

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The Greatest Alcohol Icons of All Time

10 Greatest Icons

Ten Greatest Alcohol Icons of All Time
Johnnie WalkerThe Striding Man

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go
Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker’s first foray into print advertising left something to be desired: the 1883 illustration featured a broken-hearted Scot boo-hooing over a bottle of whisky smashed at his feet.

The exercise-obsessed dandy who would lead Johnnie Walker to the pinnacle of scotch supremacy didn’t hit the ground walking until 1909. Modeled after the company’s founder, John “Johnnie” Walker, the character was drawn by famed illustrator Tom Browne under the direction of George Walker, John’s grandson. Initially called “The Regency Buck,” the icon’s moniker was later toned down to the more descriptive (if less dashing) “The Striding Man.” The family name had more than a little to do with the logo’s ambulatory nature.

Why It Worked: His top hat, walking stick, breeches and riding boots promise a refined product for an upscale market. Combine that with his elusiveness (yes, he can see you fine through his solid-gold eyeglasses, he simply doesn’t have time to dally with the likes of you) and it makes for a very attractive symbol for the rung-climbing careerist set with money to spend. This formula also dovetails nicely with Johnnie Walker’s ladder of incrementally expensive color-coded whiskies.

Inviso JohnnieEvolution: During the 1950s The Striding Man took a break from pounding the pavement for a bit of sport, appearing in adverts engaged in the gentlemanly pursuits of golf and billiards. He hit the bricks shortly thereafter and remained relatively unchanged until very recently. All that pacing must have helped him think, because he presently seems to have solved the riddle of invisibility (see right.) If you thought he the was hard to pin down before, try to catch him after he strips down. Why the change? Graphic artists are ever striving to make marketing symbols simpler, and thus easier to recognize. And in this case you’re going to have to recognize him by his threads, because his face has vanished.

Dark Secret: Was once a bootlegger. During America’s bout with prohibition, the distillery engaged in what they called their “special trade,” that being the delivery of boatloads of their whisky into the hands of rumrunners working from small Canadian isles near the U.S. coast.

Claim to Fame: Aside from dominating the world-wide Scotch market, Johnnie Walker is Superman’s choice of liquor.

Hamms BearThe Hamm’s Bear
Perhaps a Little Too Happy?
Hamm’s Beer

The joyous bear haunting baby-boomers dreams was conceived by Ojibwa Indian Patrick DesJarlait in 1952. Though his name was never revealed on air, around the brewery he was called Sascha, after the brewery founder’s wife. Which must have thrilled her no end — what woman wouldn’t want to be the namesake of an obese male bear?

Being saddled with a chick name didn’t seem to bother Sascha much. He spent most of his time dancing and getting into weird adventures with the other animals of the forest, to the point one wonders if there was something other than fish in the “Sky Blue Waters.”

The wildly-popular commercials employed plot devices ranging from good old-fashioned fun like pie fights and log rolling to more risque activities, such as train robbery, gunplay, arson, and gleeful wolf-abuse. The spots would saturate the airwaves for over 30 years, which is especially impressive when you consider Spuds MacKenzie lasted less than three.

Why It Worked: Most beer commercials of the day involved some shill bragging about how good their product was, while the Hamm’s spots came equipped with humor, plot and punch line. The occasional interaction between cartoons and real actors was ground breaking—Sascha beat Roger Rabbit to the punch by 40 years.

Evolution: Sascha’s appearance didn’t vary a great deal, aside from slicker graphics and the transition from B&W to color. He sired a cub at one point and eventually learned to speak (his sole utterance: “It bears repeating”). The only major mutation was the occasional Pinocchio-esque transformation into a real bear.

Sascha was eventually and inevitably slain by do-gooders who claimed he was hustling beer to children. The monstrous amount of Sascha-related ephemera cranked out during his long reign has become quite collectable, and the lovable mammal is still celebrated by The Hamm’s Club, which throws a yearly convention.

Dark Secret: Was probably a stoner. All the signs are there: perpetually goofy grin, impromptu hippie-style dancing at the sound of drums, and militant veganism (his single attempt to break his diet with a little fish concluded with him shooting a hole through the bottom of the boat.)

Claim to Fame: Sascha eventually reached such heights of popularity-inspired hubris that he felt compelled to step into the ring with undefeated boxing legend Rocky Marciano (Rocky remained undefeated at the end of the commercial.)

Capt MorganCaptain Morgan
Preening Pirate or Bloodthirsty Buccaneer?
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

He may appear a bit of a fop on the bottle, but the real Captain Morgan was cut from a rougher swath of cloth. Captain Henry Morgan (1635-1688) was a Welsh privateer who won English knighthood and historical renown for his daring (and quite bloodthirsty) attacks on Spanish colonies and shipping.

He was also a notorious drunkard. While pirating, and during his stint as the Deputy Governor of Jamaica, he drank rum by the gallon and was a dedicated habitue of the rough-and-tumble taverns of whatever port he might find himself in. He eventually drank himself into his grave.

OldWhy It Worked: Pirates enjoy the same privileged status in the popular consciousness as ninjas, mafioso and gunslingers. At once flamboyant, murderous and disdainful of authority, the pirate was the ultimate rebel. And what red-blooded drunkard hasn’t yearned to sail the high seas in search of rum, wenches, and adventure?

Evolution: In the initial 1950s adverts, the Captain appeared unarmed and with his hat respectfully doffed (he was often found in the company of high-society types), but the homicidal gleam in his eye was unmistakable. No doubt fantasizing about running the gang of snobs through with his cutlass and making off with their wives and wallets.

They started “spicing” the rum in the 1980s and the icon became rather spicy himself. He shed his social graces, put his hat back on, and began brandishing his sword in a menacing fashion.

the leerThe present, more cartoonish incarnation of the Captain was drawn by fantasy and sci-fi artist Don Maitz, and while there is still fire in the Captain’s eyes, it seems more the leer of a sexual predator than the bloodthirsty gleam of a proper pirate.

Dark Secret: Though the label insinuates otherwise, the rum has no historical connection to its namesake. The Captain Morgan Rum Company came into existence in 1943 and didn’t start using Morgan’s image until the early 1950s. The “original” spiced version was introduced in 1983.

Claim to Fame: Killed legendary drunkard and actor Oliver Reed. Reed had a heart attack after downing three bottles of Captain Morgan’s Jamaican Rum (along with beer and other liquors) and whipping five Royal Navy sailors at arm wrestling in a pub on the island of Malta.

ToucanThe Guinness Toucan
Who Knew What a Toucan Could Do?
Guinness Stout

After relying on word of mouth for 170 years, Guinness rolled out its first advertising campaign in 1929. The memorable tag lines “Guinness is good for you,” “My goodness, my Guinness,” and “Guinness for strength,” quickly embedded in the public consciousness. (The even more striking, though now less publicized, “Drink Guinness for a healthy baby and painless birth” was also an early motto.) These slogans were paired up with whimsical paintings by artist John Gilroy, including iconic posters featuring Guinness-strengthened chaps effortlessly hefting steel girders and pulling horse carts.

A fortuitous 1934 visit to a local zoo inspired Gilroy to populate his art with a menagerie of animals, including a pelican, a kangaroo, a sea lion, a turtle, an ostrich and a toucan. The pelican was originally intended to be the star of the group. Gilroy had an idea about encouraging Brits to drink “a Guinness a day,” so the pelican was pictured with its beak loaded with seven pints, accompanied by the verse:

A wonderful bird is the pelican,
Its bill can hold more than its belly can.
It can hold in its beak
Enough for a week
I simply don’t know how the hell he can

Which didn’t go over so well, making one wonder if it was the word “hell” or the suspicion that the pelican might swallow all seven pints at once that stuck in the public’s craw. Popular mystery writer and poet Dorothy L. Sayers, working on behalf of the advertising firm S.H. Bensons, was tapped to pen a less offensive rhyme. No stranger to homonyms, Sayers came up with this winning ditty:

If he can say as you can
‘Guinness is good for you’
How grand to be a Toucan!
Just think what Toucan do.

Toucan did quite well, thank you very much. Muscling aside the foul-mouthed seabird, the exotic understudy soon became the star of the show. It eventually went solo and in time became synonymous with the Irish stout.

After nearly 50 years in the limelight, the toucan was retired in 1982, though a comeback tour has been rumored: in May 2006, Toucan Brew was introduced as part of the Guinness Brewhouse series, and its beak has lately been poking into a number of billboards around the UK.

Why It Worked: The toucan’s bright colors and the faraway locale it referenced were a welcome escape from the gray days of the economic depression of the 1930s and the wartime horrors of the 1940s. And its incongruity certainly hooked the imagination: what in high hell was a bizarre-looking tropical bird doing in Britain with a pint balanced on its beak?

ToucanEvolution: Under Gilroy’s firm hand, the toucan’s physical appearance didn’t vary much during its long rein, aside from its smile becoming more pronounced and mysterious. Its pose, however, changed with the times: it perched on a nest with its mate during the peacetime 1930s, flew in formation during the war, and popped a bottle cap and announced it was “opening time” during the reconstruction of the 1950s. Like most icons, it was never portrayed drinking the product.

Dark Secret: In the 1950s the toucan engaged in a bit of political incorrectness: in one ad it is seen wearing an Indian chief’s headdress and addressing the consumer in pidgin English: “Guinness—him strong. See what big chief Toucan do.”

Claim to Fame: A 1962 advertising study vetted the Guinness toucan as the most recognizable animal advertising icon in the world.

Mr BostonMr. Boston
The Streetwise Dandy
Mr. Boston Distillery

The Old Mr. Boston distillery sprang to life in 1933, founded by Boston natives Irwin Benjamin and Hyman C. Berkowitz. There was no real Mr. Boston, the icon is merely an artist’s conception of what a genteel 19th century Bostonian who liked a bit of liquor might look like. He was formally introduced to the drinking community in the inaugural 1935 edition of the Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender’s Guide with this glowing copy:

He is a jolly fellow, one of those rare individuals, everlastingly young, a distinct personality and famous throughout the land for his sterling qualities and genuine good fellowship. His friends number in the millions, those who are great and those who are near great, even as you and I. He is jovial and ever ready to accept the difficult role of “Life of the Party,” a sympathetic friend who may be Vacuum Ginrelied upon in any emergency.

While it’s easy to think of the beaver-hatted Mr. Boston as Johnnie Walker’s Yank cousin, Mr. B is by no means snooty. Far from it. Would a snob attach his visage and reputation to a mint-flavored gin, much less something called Wild Cherry Nectar? Assuredly not.

If anything, Mr. Boston is a rebel, a bold innovator willing to disregard any rule you care to set in front of him. During his long history, the gent has not only smiled agreeably from bottles of vodka, whiskey, rum, schnapps and gin, but also from, shall we say, less conventional potations. Have a hankering for Pineapple-Flavored Gin? Blackberry Liqueur? A goddamn 12-pack of “Five Star Brandy?” Mr. B has you covered.

Why It Worked: Though his rarefied appearance suggests a superior product, his portly stature, easy-going grin, and the fact he was sometimes pictured casually slumped in a chair suggested he was willing to hook you up with a deal.

Mr B SittingEvolution: Because the distillery changed hands on a regular basis, Mr. Boston was forced to endure a multitude of transformations. During the youth-worshipping 1970s, “Old” was dropped and he became progressively younger and more dissolute-appearing. In the mid-'8os he vanished altogether (there were rumors he had checked into rehab). In 1995 Barton Inc. acquired the brand and brought back a simplified version of the original middle-aged gent.

Dark Secret: During the 1980s Mr. Boston’s line of budget-priced flavored brandies were a skid-row staple.

Claim to Fame: Mr. Boston’s Official Bartender’s and Party Guide is the best-selling cocktail guide ever.

Miller GirlThe Girl in the Moon
The Lunar Lady Is Watching You
Miller High Life Beer

Generations of High Lifers know her well, and they should: she’s been giving them the eye from the neck of The Champagne of Beers for a century. The mysterious belle raising a toast from the Moon was reputedly modeled on the granddaughter of company founder Frederick Miller. In her first appearance in 1903 she stood tippy-toe on a crate of beer with a whip in her hand, apparently working as an animal tamer of sorts. She traded the whip for a tray of beer shortly thereafter and seemed doomed to remain in that uncomfortable position until A. C. Paul, of Miller’s marketing division, got lost in the woods during an outing and had a “vision” of a “girl in the Moon” pointing the Miller Traysway back to civilization. Paul eventually found his way out of the woods (perhaps after sobering up a bit) and in 1907 the Miller girl found herself with a one-way ticket to the Moon.

At its peak in 1979, High Life was the number two beer in the land. It has since sunk to ninth place, well behind its upstart sibling Miller Lite.

Why It Worked: Mysterious, other-worldly and radiating gentility, the lunar lady is the very personification of understated class, which is perfect for a lager comparing itself to champagne.

Evolution: After ditching the whip, beer crate and tray, the Lady has remained a citizen of the Moon. The style of illustration has changed with the times and she has had occasion to shift her position (and who can blame her, that sliver of moon can’t be all that comfortable), sometimes facing to the right, with arm dramatically outstretched toward civilization, other times casually toasting the drinker.

Dark Secret: A high-minded but short-lived 2006 television campaign featuring a talking real-life Girl in the Moon failed so miserably that Miller fired the responsible advertising firm. Seems High Life drinkers preferred the Lunar Lady be seen but not heard.

Claim to Fame: Is the longest-lived icon in the history of American brewing.

Blue BullThe Blue Bull
Pop the Top, I Dare You
Schlitz Malt Liquor

Believe it or not, when Schlitz added malt liquor to its stable in 1963, their plan was to market it to an upscale clientele. This was before malt liquor had acquired its rough and tumble reputation, and the marketing boys thought the stronger, richer, less carbonated brew might appeal to the sort of sport who imbibed imported ales in between cruising around in his MG Midget.

A far cry from today’s 64 oz behemoths of instant street cred, it was initially sold in dainty 8 oz cans, and print ads went so far as to suggest you should enjoy it on the rocks with a twist of lemon. Though they were also quick to point out it was smooth enough to sip “straight up.” Uh-huh.

Another ad featured a wealthy matron wrapped in pearls giggling over a tray of long-stemmed glasses bearing a bull logo, paired with the copy: “Mildred never used to be famous for her parties. Then she introduced Schlitz Malt Liquor.” Yeah. Bet it gave Mildred a big ol' boost up the social ladder.

Unsurprisingly, this woefully misguided marketing strategy barely survived the decade. A much more masculine campaign kicked off in 1972 with a flurry of TV spots revolving around the idea that popping a can of Schlitz entailed the kind of macho excitement only a marauding 2000-lb bull bursting through the nearest wall and ripping the shit out of everything in sight could generate.

Why It Worked: Though the angry bull logo was the product of happenstance rather than the brain-child of cynical Madison Avenue types, it could well have been. Higher-alcohol content and bolder taste demands virile and macho imagery (see Colt .45, King Cobra, etc.) and historically, all the way back to those bull-worshipping Minoans, nothing suggests virility and machismo more than a bull with a bad attitude.

Schlitz OldEvolution: The raging bull we’ve come to know and love appeared in Schlitz’s print advertising as early as 1933. Why a bull? Because Schlitz Brewery heir Henry Uihlein’s pride and joy was a prize Brahma named Prince. When Schlitz kicked off their malt liquor brand, the logo on the cans was a stately bull head that wouldn’t look out of place in a Minoan fresco (see right). Eight years later, once they realized who their market really was, the raging blue version made its leap onto the product and TV screens alike. Since then the icon has changed very little, aside from steadily growing in size on the cans and bottles. Spin-offs of the original formula featured a change in hue (Red Bull XL Malt Liquor), and a snarling "xtreme" bull head with a prominent nose ring (Bull Ice).

Dark Secret: Zane, the one-ton Brahma bull featured in the TV spots, was an eunuch. He was neutered in his youth and reputedly was as gentle as a lamb (and one helluva an actor.)

Claim to Fame: Took the silver in the malt liquor category at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival. The less venerable (though equally macho) Samurai Malt Liquor took the gold--go figure.

Wild TurkeyThe Wild Turkey
The Dirty Bird Comes Clean
Wild Turkey Bourbon

According to company legend, Wild Turkey got its name via this charming tale: In 1940, Austin, Nichols and Co. executive Thomas McCarthy brought a jug of undiluted high-proof bourbon to share with his friends during their annual turkey shoot. His chums liked it so much they insisted he bring more of that "wild turkey bourbon” to future outings. McCarthy, a N.Y. businessman with a background in marketing, figured there might be a demand beyond his hunt-mates and launched the brand in 1952.

Nothing enthralls a bourbon drinker more than knowing the aged corn liquor he holds in his hand was conspired by a bewhiskered 19th-century hillbilly, which explains why bourbon distilleries spend so much of their advertising budgets obsessing about their respective histories. Austin, Nichols and Co. (originally a N.Y. based food distributor) likes to hint that they can trace their liquor lineage to 1869, but the fact of the matter is they’re adopting the history of a distiller (Ripy Brothers) they bought out in the mid-20th century.

Though it hardly matters. Wild Turkey, under the firm hand of master distiller Jimmy Russel, continues to produce excellent high-proof bourbons in an era when other distillers (see Jack Daniels) are watering down their liquors at the behest of marketing surveys.

Why It Worked: The wild turkey is a crafty and, might I say, tasty creature. Benjamin Franklin was so taken by its charms that he wanted it to be our fledgling nation’s national symbol instead of the bald eagle. And since Wild Turkey doesn’t own a deep history that would allow them to put a bewhiskered hillbilly founder on the label, the next best thing is an animal hillbillies might want to shoot.

Evolution: Aside from the usual simplification, the turkey has changed very little during its relatively short history. While it appears on the entire range of Wild Turkey products, its position and size varies somewhat: it appears largest and proudest on the label of the 101-proof Russel’s Reserve, and hides almost shamefully on the neck of their 60-proof honey liquor.

Dark Secret: It may say Real Kentucky on the label, but Wild Turkey is owned by Frenchmen. The Pernod-Ricard Group bought the distillery in 1980, and they’re not too shy about the fact. Says master distiller Jimmy Russell: “Wild Turkey is a little family distillery. It’s just that the family lives in Paris.”

Claim to Fame: Was Hunter S. Thompson’s choice of liquor. He rarely traveled without at least one bottle in his bag.

Jager DeerThe Jäger Deer
Shoot Me, Shoot Jesus
Jägermeister Liqueur

There is something unsettling about the level gaze of the Jägermeister deer. While most animal icons demurely look askance, this beast stares you directly in the eye. It also appears to have Christ on its side, or at least on its mind.

Jägermeister is German for “expert hunter” and if you examine the edge of the label you’ll find a German poem by Otto von Riesenthal, which roughly translates into:

This is the hunter’s badge of honour
That he protect and nourish his game
Hunt sportingly, as is proper
And honor the Creator in creation.

So what's with all the religious stuff? you're probably thinking. The deer's got a neon cross stuck in its antlers and the label's got some goofy rhyme kissing up to the Creator--what gives?

Well, back around the 7th Century, a pagan sportsman named Hubert was about to bag a magnificent stag when a glowing crucifix appeared between its antlers. And if that wasn’t disconcerting enough, Christ himself gave a shout out, proclaiming in a very loud voice: “Hubert, unless you turn to the Lord and lead a holy life, you shall quickly fall into the abyss of Hell!”

Hubert didn't need to be told twice. He was soon ordained and spent the rest of his life putting the arm on the local pagans and idolaters and erecting monasteries. Then, long after he died, he became St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters. And opticians, but that's another story.

So, in 1935, Curt Mast, an avid hunter and inheritor of a venerable German distillery, adapted the legend and imagery of St. Hubert to his spanking new concoction. A combination of 56 herbs, roots and spices, Jägermeister was meant to be something you’d more likely keep in your medicine rather than liquor cabinet. Early advertising swore it was a cure for incessant coughs, digestive problems and other common ailments. It became somewhat popular in Germany, but that was about it.

The Jäger blitz, launched in 1970, targeted nearly every country on the planet, and was met with immediate success. Eschewing traditional advertising methods, the liqueur was introduced with a clever grassroots strategy of throwing bar parties (manned by squads of “Jägerettes”) and sponsoring hard-drinking metal bands, including Metallica, Pantera and Slayer. Its rapid expansion was also facilitated by false rumors suggesting the liqueur contained deer blood and/or heroin extract.

Evolution: The Jäger deer hasn’t changed a hair since it appeared 70 years ago, and isn’t likely to, so long as it maintains its stranglehold on the liqueur shot niche.

Dark Secret: Jäger creator Curt Mast was allegedly a member of the Nazi party and fast friends with Hermann Goering, commander of the Luftwaffe.

Claim to Fame: The de rigueur shot of frat boys and bikers alike, Jägermeister succeeded in capturing the highly-prized middle ground between girly and manly shots.

Barcadi BatThe Barcardi Bat
Piss Off the Bat and He’ll Bomb You
Barcardi Rum

If company legend is to be believed (and it rarely should), a bat found its way onto the Bacardi label in 1862 because the wife of the distillery’s founder noticed a colony of fruit bats hanging around the rafters of the converted warehouse that was their first distillery. The bat was considered a noble and lucky creature by the local Cubans, so it seemed a smart move to attach the symbol to the fledgling rum.

An alternative history, strenuously denied by Bacardi, is that the bat got the nod because every morning distillery workers had to fish the lucky, noble, and thoroughly intoxicated creatures out of the rum vats.

The rum found quick favor in Cuba and spread rapidly throughout the Americas. Prohibition gave it a boost, thanks to Cuba’s close proximity to the U.S. coast, and by the ‘50s the bat was flying high as the best-selling rum in the U.S.

Then came the communists. Despite the fact that the Bacardi family helped bankroll the Cuban Revolution, they were driven out of the country and their holdings nationalized when Fidel Castro seized power. The Bacardi clan never forgave this betrayal, and have used their considerable political and financial influence to make things difficult for Cuba ever since.

Why It Worked: The aforementioned locals not only considered the bat good mojo, they were also largely illiterate. They couldn’t read the verbose Spanish praising the product on the early labels, but they could recognize the bat just fine. When the rum spread to more literate countries, the exotic mammal matched up well with what Westerners thought of rum: nocturnal danger with a hint of vampirism.

Evolution: The prototype bat was a fatter specimen, but aside from the usual streamlining, Bacardi has remained true to the original logo.

Dark Secret: Embittered Bacardi helmsman Jose Pepin Bosch bought a surplus B-26 bomber with the hopes of bombing his ex-pal Fidel’s oil refineries (the bold plan was foiled when a picture of the bomber appeared on the front page of New York Times). He was also allegedly involved in the CIA plot to assassinate Castro.

Claim to Fame: Bacardi was the first “civilized” rum. The founder, Spanish emigrant Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, tamed the raw New World spirit by experimenting with charcoal filtering and oak barrel aging.

—Frank Kelly Rich

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The Best SEO Tools

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of designing the web site in such a way that it would be able to attract search engine spiders and improve a site’s ranking. This article provides links to the best SEO Tools found on the Internet. It will help you to find out how to optimize your website, what you should use to improve the quality of backlinks, what keywords you should use on your web-pages, and how to move up your position in search engines.

Ranking Tools

Google Ranking Tools


Advanced Google Search Methods - this is a tool is to search Google in many special ways. A useful resource for search engine optimization (especially keyword research) among other things.

Google Datacenter Watch Tool is a tool that lets you do a search on Google at all the different datacentres. Note, that at this time there are 700+ known Datacenters.

Google Rank Position shows Google rank position, PR, number of entries indexed, DMOZ and Google Dir status.

Google Rankings check the ranking of a web page in Google.

Yahoo Ranking Tools


Yahoo Search Rankings is a free online SEO tool to check the position of your website in the search engine of Yahoo.

Alexa Tools


Alexa Page Ranking allows you to cut and paste a number of domains. Get the 3 month Alexa Ranking. If you want to check Alexa Ranking for a number of sites, you can browse your harddrive and provide a list of domains.

Alexa Rank Check is a tool that let you check the Alexa Rank and Google PageRank for up to 10 websites in one go - perfectly for site comparisons. Please note that the best possible Alexa Rank is 1 and the best possible Google Pagerank is 10

Alexa Ranking Find out how your web site traffic stacks up against all your competitors! This is one of the most accurate freely available tools to find out how well your site ranks up against millions of other sites on the Web.

Alexa Related Rank Check tool to check several Alexa ratings at once. This could be useful when checking out your competition.

Page Rank Tools

Datacenter Quick Check checks all Google datacenters for BackLinks, PR and Ranking of keyword.

Future PageRank Tool will query Google’s various data centers to check for any changes in PageRank values for a given URL. Usually all data centers will output the same, but if queried during an update, you might get a glimpse of any upcoming changes in your chosen URL’s PageRank value.

Page Rank Tool will query and return the Google PageRank values for submitted URL from various Google datacenters. Usually all returned values are the same, but when there’s an update going on, you will be able to watch out your Page Ranks closely.

Compare Search Engine Ranking Tools


Dogpile Search Comparison gives you the top results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Google vs Yahoo Graph looks at the results from Yahoo and Google, finds the similarities and then gives you a graphical display of what results are in both search engines. This illustrates that optimizing your site for both engines is not a very easy thing to do, but not impossible.

Google-Yahoo-Ask Search search engines differ more than you think. Compare Google, Yahoo, and MSN with one search.

Myriad Search is a search engine that combines Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves in one screen. You can modify the individual influence of each search engine in the results.

Thumbshots Ranking is a fun way to learn about search engines and optimizing a site’s ranking.

Yahoo vs Google compares top 100 search results from Google and Yahoo!

Combo Search Engine Ranking Tools

Search Engine Placement Check is a verification tool that checks if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword. It’s important to be in the top 3 pages of a search result because most people using search engines don’t go past the 3rd page.

Search Engine Positioning check your Search engine positioning (SERPS) on Yahoo, Google, All The Web. MSN and Hotbot. Just enter your keyword/keyword phrase into the “Keyword” submit box, then enter your URL into the field labeled “Your URL” and specify the “Page Depth” this variable tells the spider how far to go page wise before giving up trying to find your rank. If you are not in the serps within “X” specified pages then the message “There is no information for your query” will come up. It doesn’t really mean there is no information for your serps, it just means that you don’t rank for that keyword within your specified page depth.

Search Engine Ranking Report Enter your own keywords (one phrase per line) and domain to find out where your domain ranks for a set of keyword searches.

Related Page Rank Tools

Backlink Checker counts the Page Rank of your backlinks. To use it, just enter your URL and Google API Key. If you don’t have an API Key, you can fine one at They are free and very easy to get.

Google PageRank Calculator - enter the “Number of Links From Each Page” that links to the page in question to get a Page Rank estimation.

Google PageRank Prediction attempts to determine a future Google PageRank value of a particular site. The tools does several calculations to come to this figure.

Google PageRank Report checks the Google PageRank values for the list of URLs.

Multi DC PageRank Checker will query the varios Google Data Centers to check for any changes in PageRank values for a website.

PageRank Lookup allows you to check the Google PageRank values of multiple URLs at once. A time-saver for keeping tabs on you and your competitors’ PR values.

PageRank Search allows you to search Google using any keyword(s) you wish. It will then return, in order of Google relevance, the sites associated with those keywords. Each result displays a graphical bar with the PageRank of that particular site.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Free Meta Keywords Tool analyzes the meta keywords of your competition. Use the tool to see what keywords your competitors are embedding in their meta keywords tags and then research these keywords using other freely available tools including the Overture keyword suggestion tool, WordTracker and Keyword Discovery.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool - use it to get new keyword ideas. Pick one of the tabs below and enter keywords or URLs that are relevant to your business.

Google Keyword Suggestions helps you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key term. Simply enter a key term and this tool will query information from several Google searches, which it will use to determine popular and re-occurring terms used by websites in the same industry.

Google Suggest - as you type, Google will offer suggestions. Use the arrow keys to navigate the results.

Keyword Popularity Tool gives similar data, including search figures from the previous month. It also adds statistics for average searches per hour, day, week, projected figures for the next 12 months and then also a figure to see how searches may look in 3 years from now.

Keyword Research Tool helps you research appropriate words and phrases to include in your webpage’s body text to aid in promotion. Simply enter the sort of word of phrase you wish to be found under, and the tool will suggest some additional words and phrases you can think about using.

Keyword Suggestion Tool is a handy little tool will show you the results of your query from both Wordtracker and Overture for determining which phrases are searched most often. Enter a search phrase below to see how often it’s searched for, as well as get suggestions for alternate (but similar) keywords.

Search Term Research is an invaluable research tool that will tell you what users are searching for and help you find the right keywords to target.

Website Keyword Suggestions tries to determine the theme of your website and provides keyword suggestions along with keyword traffic estimates.

Keyword Tools

GoogleDuel Original a popularity contest using the Google search engine. Enter two words, names, or phrases, and find out which one occurs on more pages on the web. For example, try cat vs dog.

Keyword Density is useful for helping webmasters and SEOs achieve their optimum keyword density for a set of key terms. It will analyze your chosen URL and return a table of keyword density values for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. In an attempt to mimic the function of search engine spiders, it will filter out common stop words (since these will probably be ignored by search engines).

Keyword Density Analyzer will crawl the given URL, extracting text as a search engine spider would. It then removes common stopwords (and calculates what percentage of the total text is stopwords) and analyzes the keyword density of the one word, two word and three word keywords the the text. This tool also calculates the noun density and the verb density, that is; the ratio of the total number of nouns or verbs on the page to the total number of words.

Keyword Density Analyzer is a keyword density and word depth calculator.

Keyword Density Analyzer is important since search engines use this information to determine the theme of your website, the perfect keyword density will help archive higher search engine positions. This tool is useful for helping webmasters achieve optimum keyword distribution.

Combined Keyword Suggestion Tools

Combine Words is a tool to create combinations of keywords for use in a Google AdWords
or Yahoo! Search Marketing Pay Per Click PPC campaign.

Domain Tools

dns report

DNS Report is a test that provides comprehensive information about the specified domain that may verify DNS ‘health’ or identify problems or issues. Common uses: find problems with a domain, verify Mail Servers, Query a specific DNS server.

Bad Neighborhood Checker checks link pages and reports if there are links to bad neighborhoods.

Browser Screen Resolution Checker shows what your web page looks like with the viewer’s monitor set to different screen resolutions.

C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool investigates the links pointing to a website (backlinks), and groups them according to the C-Class IP addresses they come from. For example, if one backlink comes from and another comes from, they would be grouped together. Backlinks coming from the same C-Class IP are most likely hosted by the same company, which may lower the site’s search engine ranking.

Class C Checker allows you to check if some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range. This Class C Checker may be used if you own several cross-linked sites - it may be more efficient (for SEO purposes) to host them on different Class C IP ranges (this is only an advice, not a must do). And if you’re going to get new links from different sites - check if they share the same class C IP range.

Domain Age Tool displays the approximate age of a website on the Internet and allows you to view how the website looked when it first started. It also helps you find out the age of your competitor’s domains, older domains may get a slight edge in Search Engine Rankings.

Domain Dossier investigates domains and IP addresses.

Domain Stats Tool helps you get all kind of statistics of your competitor’s domains. The statistics include Alexa Taffic Rank, Age of the domains, Yahoo WebRank, Dmoz listings, count of backlinks and number of pages indexed in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. It will probably help you figure out why some of your competitors are ranking better than you.

HTML Header Viewer shows the exact HTTP headers that a web server is sending with a HTTP response. This can be useful if you need to know what cookies are being set or where any re-directs are going to, along with other details such as mime-type.

HTTP / HTTPS Header Check allows you to inspect the HTTP headers that the web server returns when requesting a URL. Works with HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

IP Address Report check for a duplicate Class C block or Class C subnet IP address in a list of websites, these can be either hosted affiliate and internet marketing sites or potential reciprocal link exchange partners.

Redirects And HTTP Headers Checker checks your server headers and the HTTP result codes it returns. It will follow any redirects it finds along the way, whenever possible. With this tool you can check to see how your server is redirecting and if your server is returning 404 for URLs which do not exist.

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker help you determine if the redirect you have created is Search Engine Friendly.

What Is My IP Address shows the IP of your computer or routers.

Link Tools

Exchange Link SEO Tools

Free Reciprocal Link Checker with pagerank calculation and web thumbnails. Put your website or weblog home page URL in the input box and a little spider will read the html code and check for the broken links. The spider splits links in two categories, internal, from the same host, and external, outgoing link to different domains. Once you have put your start URL the bot will visit your website and follow all links checking for their status. When finish you will see a report showing all the bad links found, not only 404 status.

One Way Link Verify generates a detailed report on many search engine-related factors for that page. Requires a Google API Key.

Online Free Reciprocal Link Checker just input the link to search for (the link towards your site), and the listing of the websites where you have done link trades. The spider will crawl one by one each of this addresses looking for links towards your website within your’s link partners html code. You must put the exact address where your link should be found. The crawler doesn’t follow links inside frames, javascript, flash or going through server script.

Site Link Analyzer analyzes a given web page and return a table of data containing columns of outbound links and their associated anchor text. If a hyperlink is represented by an image, the image’s alt attribute will be included as the anchor text.

Link Popularity Tools

Link Popularity Checker is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website’s online awareness and overall visibility. Simply put, link popularity refers to the total number of links or “votes” that a search engine has found for your website.

Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer will help you determine the backlinks of your website and link text used by your backlinks to Link to your wesbite.

Link Appeal will calculate the desirability rating of having a link on the URL you specify. This calculation includes factors such as PageRank, number of outbound links and the overall percentage of links to html. It is intended as a guideline for evaluating whether you should ask for a link on a certain page or not.

Site Analysis Including Link Popularity generates a complete site analysis e.g. amount of backlinks, indexed sites, Google PageRank and also if your domain is listed in DMOZ and Yahoo directory.

Link Popularity Checker tells you how many websites are linking to yours. Website popularity is an important factor in your search engine ranking. The more popular your site is, the better it will be ranked on the search engines.

Link Popularity Tool checks the number of pages that link to you in AlltheWeb, AltaVista, Google, HotBot, MSN Search, and Yahoo!, as well as check for your site’s presence in DMOZ and Zeal.

Link Popularity Checker and Link Quality Assessment is a tool to find out the necessary statistics on your links and your competitor’s links.

Link Popularity Check using this script you can revise detailed statistics of backward links for one domain in the most popular directories and search engines.

Backlink Tools

Backlink Check Tool is a tool is to check your backlinks and the anchor text used in those backlinks.


Google Toolbar For Firefox add buttons to the toolbar to search your favorite sites. Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere. Search smarter with instant suggestions. as you type in the search box. Share web pages with friends via blog, email, or SMS. System requirements: Windows XP/2000 SP3+, Mac OS X 10.2+, or Linux, Firefox 1.5+.

Google Toolbar For IE Block annoying pop-ups. Fill out web forms with one click. Translate pages into English instantly. Check your spelling in webmail messages, and more. System requirements: Windows Vista/2000/XP, Internet Explorer 6.0+.

Mozdev GoogleBar project was initially created to address the widespread desire in the mozilla community for the Google toolbar to support the Netscape 7, Mozilla, and Firefox web browsers. In the past, the Google toolbar was only available for IE on windows. While we are in no way affiliated with Google inc, our current release emulates all of the basic search functionality of the toolbar, allowing users to easily access almost all of Google’s specialty searches (some of which are not yet supported by the original Google toolbar!) from one convenient toolbar. However, because the developer community for Firefox is so vibrant, we have decided not to implement features found in other extensions (such as form fill) or built into Firefox (such as the popup blocker). If you are looking for AutoFill, you may find the AutoForm or AutoFill extensions useful.

PR Toolbar Widget For Macintosh requires Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. Internally it’s built with JavaScript, PHP and AppleScript. Works for HTTP sites, does not work (intentionally) for HTTPS, FTP, etc.

Search MSN Toolbar helps you start a search from any Web page, see instant previews of maps and more from any Web page, personalize your Web experience with custom buttons. Requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox helps you make the Web a safer place - Pop-Up Blocker stops pop-ups in their tracks. It allows to quickly search your bookmarks, from Toolbar or Yahoo! Search. Personalized buttons get you to your most used sites in 1 click. Built in Web Search helps you find whatever you want fast. Yahoo! Mail alerts lets you know when you’ve got new mail.

Web Site Optimization Tools

poodle predictor

Poodle Predictor is a tool that attempts to give you an idea of how your site will show up in the search-engine results, before it’s too late, and they have already cached it. This helps you avoid making mistakes that will either prevent your site from getting a decent listing, or will show a useless description of you site in the search-engine results.

Advanced Meta Tag Generator provides you with fields for 19 different mata tags and generates the meta code for you. not only searches and finds the cache pages; it also gives you a graphic view of the results over a period of time (from the first day of your research until now). Additionally, it shows you the site pagerank.

Code to Text Calculator - to avoid diluting your keyword relevancy you should design pages with as little code bloat as possible. Check the percent of your page that is comprised of text with this too.

Copyscape searches for copies of your page on the Web.

Google Banned Tool uses two methods to check to see if a URL you enter is in the Google database. Its a great way to check to see if you have been banned by Google for various reasons. If your site is quite new, you may also not show in the Google database. This tool is aimed towards people who think that they have been punished.

Meta Tag Generator generates a search engine friendly Head Tag for your web site. Keep your meta tags free of information that only slows down a search engine robot crawl.

Title and Meta Tag Generator Create your sites meta tags instantly to help achieve higher search engine ranking. Includes title tag, description, abstract, keyword, and robot meta tags. You can read the Meta Tag Description page for an explaination of the meta tags created by our meta tag generator.

Search Engine Spider Simulator is a tool that simulates a Search Engine by displaying the contents of a webpage exactly how a Search Engine would see it. It also displays the hyperlinks that will be followed (crawled) by a Search Engine when it visits the particular webpage.

Similar Page Checker allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages. The exact percentage of similarity after with a search engine may penalize you is not known, it varies from search engine to search engine, Your aim should be to keep your page similarity as low as possible.

Web Page Analyzer will read the page you specify, and put it through a few basic tests to see if qualifies as ’search-engine-friendly’ for the phrase you specify. It then gives a report on the good, and the bad points of the page in SEO terms.

Code Validation

Atom & RSS Feed Validator is a validator for syndicated feeds. It works with RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. It also validates Atom feeds. Despite its relatively simple nature, RSS is poorly implemented by many tools. This validator is an attempt to codify the specification (literally, to translate it into code) to make it easier to know when you’re producing RSS correctly, and to help you fix it when you’re not. The validator also supports the IETF standard Atom format for syndicated feeds.

W3C Markup Validation Service is a validator that checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc. If you wish to validate specific content such as RSS/Atom feeds or CSS stylesheets or to find broken links, there are other validators and tools available.

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Track Website Traffic: 40 Great Tools

The following tools will help you to better understand your website traffic, analyze and monitor all the visitors to your website. You will get access to vital information about your site’s audience. These tool will give you a clear picture of who is visiting your site or blog, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more.

Web Traffic Visualization


ClickTracks offers intuitive, insightful analysis of your web site. It shows you campaigns, site navigation patterns, PPC, SEO and ROI stats instantly. It is a web analytics program that uses a radically different architecture, making it easy for marketers to perform desktop datamining activities that are difficult or impossible to implement using traditional web analysis methods. Clicktracks includes overlaid navigation view, PDF and Excel report export, parameter and cookie stats, tabular campaign report, internal search analysis, visitor segmentation with labels, keyword ranking report, E-mail campaign tracking, geographic location report, and more.

Crazy Egg is a tool to supplement your analytics with stunning visuals and actionable data. This program is for people who want more ad revenue, for those who care what visitors do, or need to make improvements. With this program you can create tests to figure out what people are doing on your website. Get a picture of where people clicked on your site. find out where people click based upon the things like: Top 15 Referrers, Search Terms, Operating System, Browser, etc. Share data with people who matter to you. Clients, bosses, imaginary friends, and people you are trying to sell ad space to.

Indextools provides e-business leaders accurate, insightful and timely intelligence about the effectiveness of their Web efforts, thereby helping them to increase sales, reduce marketing costs and provide a higher level of service to their customers and partners. IndexTools specializes in delivering on-demand web analytics solutions to the enterprise and SME market.

Intellitracker is the smart way to drive your business. It redefines web analytics and delivers interactive business intelligence to the heart of your business.

VisitorVille applies video game principles to help you easily visualize and better understand your web site traffic statistics.

Blog and RSS Feed Analysis


Feedburner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Its Web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.

MeasureMap helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world.

Mint is an extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program. Its interface is an exercise in simplicity. Visits, referrers, popular pages and searches can all be taken in at a glance on Mint’s flexible dashboard.

Performancing is a home for professional bloggers. A place where those that want to make money from their blogs can learn, and perfect the art of making a living from weblogging.

Pheedo’s FeedPowered advertising platform converts your RSS feeds into rich, dynamically updating advertising that engages your audience. Leverage your existing RSS assets to extend your brand, drive traffic, and acquire new feed subscribers. Pheedo retrieves your RSS feed several times an hour and updates your FeedPowered advertisements with any newly published items. Great for time-sensitive content and frequently updated offers.

Technorati is a site that measures the popularity of blogs based on the number of people that have “favorited” them using the service.

Market Research Data and Site Rankings


Alexa provides the statistics for all of the Internet. It lets you compare your blog to another one.

Compete provides information on every site on the Internet including site traffic history and competitive analytics; a site specific trust assessment; and a list of all available promotions.

comScore is a global Internet information provider. It maintains massive proprietary databases that provide a continuous, real-time measurement of the myriad ways in which the Internet is used and the wide variety of activities that are occurring online.

Hitwise online competitive intelligence service provides daily insights on how 25 million people interact with over 1 million web sites in 160+ industries. Its unique, global network of Internet usage data is integrated into the user friendly service, helping you better plan, implement and report on your online branding, search marketing, content strategies and online partnerships.

Nielsen//NetRatings offers web analytics package for you to be able to compare your site with others in your industry. Produces widely followed research reports in dozens of different Web verticals.

Analytics Software Packages


Google Analytics helps you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. It makes it easy to improve your results online. Write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting web sites. Google Analytics is free to all advertisers, publishers, and site owners.

Site Meter’s comprehensive real time website tracking and counter tools give you instant access to vital information and data about your sites audience. With the detailed reporting you’ll have a clear picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more.

WebSTAT makes Web analytics easy and cost-effective. Its hosted analytics software tracks and stores web statistics for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes. You don’t need thousands of dollars to get a good web traffic analysis package.

Hitslink offers a Professional and Enterprise version of their web-based real-time reporting package. It offers a conversion tracking of pay-per-click campaigns. You can track user definable events, such as, promotions and downloads as well on your site.

iPerceptions provides analytic solutions looking at customer behavior both online and off. It helps you discover the issues that matter most to the customers.You will know: what changes to the site will enhance your visitor’s level of satisfaction , strengths and weaknesses of your visitor’s experience, who, when, and why visitors are coming to your site.

WebTrends enables you to provide your visitors with the most engaging experience possible. Measure and test all aspects of the online experience from marketing to site content and usability—all of which increase visitor engagement and conversion rates. With functional reporting for each department, from marketing to merchandising to business analysis, you can answer the questions that are most important to the overall business as well as each department.

imWare tools suite is a software-as-a-service package that helps instantly add interactivity and web analytics to content rich web sites. Hundreds of customers have simplified interactivity and web analytics on their sites by deploying imWare. It is comprised of four tools and an accompanying web analytics package. All tools are hosted by Clickability and are simple to deploy.

Clickfox’s patented, proven software enables companies to transform existing customer data into true, objective insight by showing customers’ step-by-step behavior within interactive systems and across the enterprise. ClickFox can translate interactions from multiple service touchpoints into an intuitive, visual map, revealing quickly and easily what customers actually do and why, so that companies can align customer needs with their business objectives.

Clickstream is a fully featured ASP delivered web analytics solution provided by Clickstream in conjunction with its partners. The automation and elimination of tagging inherent in the Datasherpa Platform enables the delivery of enterprise analytics out of the box with virtually no setup or maintenance costs. For the first time hosting providers are able to deliver enterprise level functionality at a minimal cost, thereby creating a significant new revenue stream.
Datasherpa Web Analytics can be configured for different levels of service depending on the hosting provider’s needs and customer segmentation. The solution can be deployed virtually or on premise.

Coremetrics a company that provides most accurate and complete record of visitor behavior—capturing every click of every visitor over time, and storing them in Coremetrics’ LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles secure database.

DeepMetrix provides a web analytics solution. Get campaign tracking, conversion, ROI, visitor segmentation and commerce, plus powerhouse features like CRM, data mining and A/B testing.
For end-to-end website tracking, LiveSTATS.BIZ delivers more for less. The proof is in the feature set, and the price will have you wondering why other solutions cost so much.

Fireclick makes Web analytics easy through a hosted application service that automatically gathers and stores data for online businesses. No set-up fee. No training fee. No expensive consulting required. To report, present, and share the analysis of data, Fireclick provides a comprehensive suite of tools unmatched in the industry. Fireclick provides integration of Web analytics with paid search engines, e-mail providers, affiliate programs and more in order to provide a consolidated view of all site activity.

MetriServe provides all the web statistics and web analytics tools you need to find out in real-time who your visitors are, where they are coming from and how they are using your web site. Use this valuable knowledge to sell more products and services and to improve your advertising campaigns.

Moniforce‘ s webSensor Enterprise is a high-quality web analytics solution that provides insight into your website visitors’ behaviour. You can immediately work with the results from webSensor Enterprise. You know exactly where to make changes that will attract more visitors, make sure visitors return more often,increase the conversion rate from visitor to customer , improve the effect of online marketing campaigns.

Mtracking’s ASP web analysis service gives accurate real time reports on the marketing performance of your web site, e-marketing and online campaigns.

Nedstat enable you to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your online communication and business. It makes website analytics straightforward and accessible. Nedstat offers a wide range of reporting possibilities on campaigns, content and conversion.

SPSS offers software and solutions that help organizations direct and automate decisions to meet their goals and achieve measurable competitive advantage.

Omniture provides organizations with actionable, real-time intelligence regarding their online strategies and marketing initiatives. Omniture helps organizations quickly identify and understand the most profitable paths through their Web sites, where visitors are dropping off, what’s driving critical success events, and how different segments of visitors interact with the Web site. -provides different web analytic solutuions. With instant access to dozens of live interactive reports, it helps to improve the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing initiatives.

Optimal IQ offers product for monitoring click fraud.

Quova protects your business against online fraud by verifying user locations. It increases your revenues and improves user experience with geographically targeted online marketing.

SiteClarity translates complex data into a clear and actionable format that presents multiple layers of insight into online customer behavior. As an enterprise tracking and reporting solution, SiteClarity delivers a centralized solution across all operational areas including marketing, site optimization, and customer retention. Unlike other solutions, SiteClarity tailors its reports and services to meet your specific business needs. Focused reporting packages and power administration tools provide a deeper understanding of online customers to re-define and optimize online strategies.

StatCounter is a free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page or blog and you will be able to analyze and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time.

With WebAbacus software, you can find out which areas of your site are the most productive; understand the true effectiveness of your marketing campaigns; work out which products are most attractive to different customer segments or discover who is reading your information and what they’re doing with it. More importantly you can also find out out what isn’t working, together with the best way to put it right.

WebtraffIQ is a web analytics agency, providing a complete campaign tracking platform. This enables our clients to see how various online and offline marketing techniques are working, in effect creating a rich picture of a web site’s activities.

Maximine’s High-Performance Site Analytics(HPSA) solution is explicitly designed to address the demanding challenges of today’s mission critical web environments. As sites become increasingly large, complex and dynamic, compounded by accelerating growth in the number of user-contributors, MAXAMINE produces the solution that delivers all three performance imperatives required for enterprise business success: coherent solution that provides maximum cost-efficiency, flexibility and analytic capacity; fast implementation and rapid customization with dynamic on-the-fly search and query capabilities, quality control and reporting.

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