5 Ways To Use A Blog To Develop Content For Your eBook

5 Ways To Use A Blog To Develop Content For Your eBook - Writing your own ebook has become very popular because every blogger wants to stand out from the rest.Here is 5 different ways you can develop content for your ebook with a blog.

1. Visit other blogs in your niche and comment on them.By participating actively in the blogosphere you will build your own blogs readership.What are other bloggers in your niche writing about? Are there any major challenges that no one has written about yet? The easiest way to find blogs in your field is to use Google´s blogsearch (http://blogsearch.google.com).If you have competition, check out their sites.You will most likely get ideas and inspiration for your own ebook.Many blogs offer a free newsletter you can sign up for.This is a great way of getting tips for your ebook.

2.Every time you write a new post on your blog, simply ask your visitors to comment on it.It is good to know that while most people know how to leave a comment, there are those who need to be educated in it.You could say something like “Please leave a comment by filling out the form under this post”.The easier you make things for people, the more comments you will get.You can use their replies in your ebook if you get the permission to do so.

3.Address the concerns of your readers by setting up a survey on your blog.Do a mini-study on their experiences or preferences.An informal survey will give you more ideas for your ebook.

4.Run a contest on your blog.Tell you readers that you are holding a contest for the best idea for a ebook.Many people jump at the chance to be included in a ebook. People often like to share their experiences and love to rant.Just ask!

5.Find out from your stats which are the most popular articles on your blog.When you know which articles get the most traffic, you have reliable information on which topic and subtopics capture the interests of readers.

Here are more useful tips I found on the internet:

Take your time when deciding on an ebook idea. Collect lots of ideas, and test them. You’ll spend a lot of time in writing your ebook, and later in selling it, so the time you spend on research will ensure that your ebook is a success….

It can be very exciting to be an ebook author and you’ve already done much of the work by writing your own original articles. Why not use your articles to write and sell an ebook to enhance your online writing income?….

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