Popular Facebook Pickle Surpasses Nickelback

Popular Facebook Pickle Surpasses Nickelback, Remember early February when that Facebook group popped up in your news feed, idly wondering if a pickle could garner more fans than Nickelback? Well, the pickle has officially won: As of this posting, the pickle boasts1,489,737 fans, just ahead of Nickelback's 1,422,984.

The Facebook group's founder, Coral Anne, wrote a lengthy post yesterday answering questions she has fielded in the past three weeks and clarifying that she does not hate Nickelback. "Are they one of my favourite bands? No, but, I didn't make this page to endorse hate. I have to respect Nickelback just like any artist out there in the world, because even though they may not be a band that has helped me with their music, I know there must be people out there who their music has inspired," Anne wrote, adding, "This pickle page is strictly intended for humour. The whole time, I was pro-pickle, more than anti-Nickelback."
Anne credits a similar group, "Can this onion ring get more fans than Justin Bieber?" as the impetus for what's now become one of the most absurd rivalries in rock history.

"I thought [the onion ring group] was pretty funny and creative, and a pickle getting more fans than Nickelback suddenly came to mind and I literally just sat there by myself laughing. I think I mostly found it funny because pickle rhymes with nickel and it would sound catchy," Anne wrote.

Anne registered shock at the viral momentum the pickle group has taken on since Feb. 3. The onion ring group that inspired her notched just under 77,000 fans.
By PopEater Staff  Posted Feb 24th 2010 03:00PM [www.popeater.com]

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