How Google wonder wheel making money for you

Ever since the launch of the google wonder wheel, thousands of users have discovered its features and the ways in which it can benefit them while using it.
Much like other tools provided by Google, this tool is another great feature in which the user can benefit and make money from.
Here are some possible and interesting ways in which you can make money by using the google wonder wheel:
  1. Webmaster – Make money by discovering related keywords you wish to target while focusing on your niche. The easiest is to choose your niche and to stay focused on a main keyword which usually gets a lot of hits from the search engine, however there are other keywords from which you can gain more traffic and convert more visitors to cash – traffic = money and don’t you forget it.
  2. User – Save time by exploring relevant results related to the original keyword you search for. Whether it’s for a research you are doing, a term paper or just about anything else consuming your time (time is money in case you forgot/didn’t know), Google wonder wheel can tell you what you are missing or need to search and save you that precious research time.
  3. Advertiser – Make money with the google wonder wheel by discovering what’s hot and related to your product or the product you advertise. Advertising cost more when it’s directly related to the product. However, if you find other relevant products or products using this tool you can save money on advertising and make money from related products.
  4. Manager – Mind Mapping takes time and cost money. Save some time and money and make yourself and your company money by using the Google Wonder wheel for data mining on ongoing projects.
  5. Using the Google Wonder Wheel is completely free! and as you can see you can actually make money using it. Or as they say – “The best things in life are free”.
Go and make some money!
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