140 Reasons People Love Twitter

Today is Twitter’s fourth birthday, and to celebrate the occasion we asked our Twitter followers: “Let us know how Twitter changed your life – add hashtag #thankstwitter4 so we can find your tweet.”
We got thousands of responses — in fact, #thankstwitter4 has become a trending topic. As promised, we did our best to sift through the tweets and find 140 that represent the Twitter () zeitgeist as we enter the social network’s fourth year. Below are our selections, split up into categories or sentiments that we noticed were particularly common.
Consider this Twitter’s birthday picture at age four. Is it cute or is it ugly? You decide!

- Finding Love
- Finding Fame
- Staying Up to Date With Current Events
- Stalking Justin Bieber
- Stalking Celebrities in General
- Making Friends Around the World
- Making Friends With Similar Interests
- Being Better Than Facebook or MySpace
- Decreasing Performance at School
- Tweeting on the Go
- Miscellaneous
[via: mashable.com]

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