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3. document search
This website can help you to found everything not only pdf, also provide the option to search file: doc, mp3, ppt, pps. try no and get real search engine. Just Try it... very easy and simple to use.

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PDF Search engine. Free unlimited pdf search and download.
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  1. Anonim5:18 AM

    I see one missing - online PDF conversions, in one of most popular answers at

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    Another great PDF and ebook Search Engine
    You can search .pdf, .exe, .doc files, thesis, ebooks free, easy for students.

  4. That's a good list but why didn't you include in it? I think it is also a good search engine: it is fast, reliable and without banners.

  5. Yeah, really good list, thanks. Arny, also thanks for the link.

  6. I have tons of free forex ebooks here

  7. If you create list of MS Word search engine, please add my site

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  11. I can add one more book search engine to your list with more than 200 million books to read online or download to kindle

  12. Anonim11:02 PM

    you're missing complete free pdf search engine

  13. Nice sites but if I may, you should add also unique Books Search engine like:
    It has tons of technical books, manuals and tutorials in PDF format also for Kindle and iPad, all free to read online or download. Do you know others but for EPUB format ? Thanks.

  14. Anonim9:29 PM

    You should also try out it has over 80 million science pdfs.