Beautiful Day in White Sand Longbeach Bengkulu

The Long, Clean, white-sand beach is good for sunbathing. There is a public swimming pool and tennis facility, along with restaurants, seaside cottages and hotels


Amongst the five main islands forming the archipelago of Indonesia, Sumatra is one. In the south west coast of this island, Bengkulu is a province which is mostly visited by the weekenders being attracted by its wonderful beaches. If you want to reach the capital city of this province, Bengkulu from any part of Indonesia and abroad, then the best option is to avail Flights to Bengkulu.

The world class services provided by the flights plying in this remote air routes are no less than any major air routes served by Flights to Indonesia.

The air borne passengers can only fly down to Bengkulu by any direct flight from Jakarta. As Jakarta International Airport supports a wide range of airlines, so with any of these you can reach Jakarta before heading for Bengkulu. The daily Flights to Bengkulu are served by the following airlines: Lion air,Sriwijaya Air or Mandala Air
You can get daily three Flights to Bengkulu from Jakarta with Adam Air. If you want to fly with the other airlines mentioned above, you can avail of daily one flight from Jakarta.

After landing at Fatmawati Airport, Bengkulu by any of these direct Flights to Bengkulu, drive short to reach the downtown. You can pick a hotel from the following list according to your budget:
  • Hotel Horizon, Jl Pantai Nala No.142,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Bunda, Jl. Sutoyo No. 57,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Dena,Jl. Fatmawati No. 29,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Cempaka Raya, Jl. Mayjen. Sutoyo No.135, Bengkulu
  • Hotel Asia,Jl. A Yani No. 922,,Bengkulu
  • Hotel Asoka, Jl. Sutoyo No. 56 / V,Bengkulu
The major attraction of Bengkulu is its beautiful beach Pantai Panjang and Pasir Putih Beach. For enjoying your holidays to the fullest extent, you can also stay in the beach resorts. Travel one hour or less by fishing boat or speed boat and explore Tikus Island which is popular for its marine tourism. If you want a wonderful sunset view, you are to visit Tapak Padri and Pantai Jakat nearby Bengkulu city.
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