Wolfram Alpha Search Engine—A New Type of Search

After doing some personal browsing tonight, I came across a new search engine—Wolfram Alpha—which is a highly interesting website.

If you went out and asked anyone about where they go to do a web search, a significant portion of the group would probably say Google. But Wolfram Alpha—a new breed of search engine—is a step forward with web search and functionality.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Math majors, as well as other people who love numbers and statistical data, will find Wolfram Alpha very relevant. Almost anything can be computed through the search engine, and it also delivers statistical data, depending on the input.

For instance, if “Ohio State University” is entered into the search engine, one can get all kinds of interesting information on Ohio State, including location, tuition, number of degrees distributed (annually), as well as other useful, interesting data.

As Wolfram Alpha continues to add more algorithms and information into their rapidly-expanding database, their search engine could become one of the best on the internet—possibly even challenging Google in the future as a viable alternative.

Check out Wolfram Alpha, and let me know your thoughts on one of the most exciting search engine debuts in a while.

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