How to become Internet famous

By John Roach, Special to MSN Tech & Gadgets.
For those seeking Internet fame, here's some advice: Don't try.
"It's precisely the people who seem to try too hard or want to prolong their Internet fame for way longer than the Internet is willing to give them that get the most crap ," says Tim Hwang, a research associate at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Hwang is most famous for organizing a conference called ROFLcon in April 2008 that brought together some of the Web's biggest stars for a few days in Cambridge, Mass.. (ROFL is text-message speak for “rolling on the floor, laughing.”)

One Web celeb who didn't make the event is Numa Numa Guy, Gary Brolsma. He became Internet famous in 2004 when he posted a goofy video of himself lip-synching to the song "Dragostea Din Tei" by the Romanian pop group O-Zone to the Web site

Brolsma, who made the video while bored, thought it might make a few people laugh. Instead, it went viral, racking up millions of hits as it spread on the Web like wildfire. Numa Numa Guy even made an episode of Comedy Central's “South Park” alongside animated Web luminaries including Tron Guy, “Star Wars” Kid and Chris Croker – the Leave Britney Alone guy.

"In the time since then, the Numa Numa Guy put up a new site called NewNuma and he's tried really, really hard to prolong his Internet fame, but as a result, no one has paid attention to him, or when they do they kind of make fun of him," Hwang says.
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