News sites swamped following Michael Jackson's death

None of the traffic-tracking companies have issued any specific numbers yet, but there are scattered reports of sluggish performance at several large media sites following news of the death of singer Michael Jackson.

Google error on Michael Jackson searches

At this point, it's safe to presume that as news of the iconic performer's death began trickling out, scores of people turned to the Web for news. A researcher for Keynote Systems, a company that tracks site performance, said the company is looking for any correlation between the news of Jackson's death and any major outages or delays.

TMZ broke the news that Jackson had died Thursday afternoon but the gossip hub cited only unnamed sources and offered few details. As other news services turned their attention to the story, some Web sites appeared to experience slower page load times.

Some Google users complained that the search engine's News area was inaccessible for a time. A Google representative was not immediately available. appeared to have be sluggish delivering Michael Jackson stories. And even some of our own CBS-owned Web sites briefly experienced site problems immediately following confirmation of Jackson's death.

By CNET News

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