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How to prepare TOEFL essay? You might ask yourself this question as you prepare for the new TOEFL iBT writing test.

It's a good question to ask because you will need to be prepared in order to write good TOEFL essays on the iBT.

It's true that in order to do well on a TOEFL essay, you will need to have a high level of vocabulary and grammar in your writing.

But first of all, you will need to know about the format of essays on the new TOEFL iBT.

So here are the details about the essays on the new iBT TOEFL:

TOEFL iBT Essay Task 1:

IBT TOEFL essay 1 is an integrated essay. "Integrated" means that the essay will ask you to combine and summarize information from two different sources.

For the first TOEFL essay on the iBT, you will be given 3 minutes to read a passage on your screen.

Then you will have to listen to a brief talk that lasts for 2 minutes.

Finally, the iBT asks students to complete the TOEFL essay task 1 writing test. This TOEFL essay is a summary of the points from the reading and lecture.

TOEFL iBT Essay Task 2:

The second essay on the new iBT TOEFL is an independent task. "Independent" means that you write this TOEFL essay from your own ideas and experience.

Essays for the second writing task of the iBT TOEFL will be about familiar topics. For instance, a TOEFL essay on task 2 might be about the topics of study abroad or the internet.

You will be given 30 minutes to write the second TOEFL essay.

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