The Impact of Antispam Appliance on Your Business

Based on estimates, there are more than a billion spam messages being sent out each day. Spammers can generate more than 20 million dollars from their spamming activities. That is why as long as email exists, spam messages will continue to circulate because the industry is just too lucrative for unscrupulous marketers. So mail servers will continue to be bombarded with spam mails. To protect your company and your wireless network, what you need is a unified WiFi security and antispam appliance that you can deploy immediately.

Typically, an antispam appliance is a device or a piece of hardware that is usually integrated with onboard antispam software. This device together with the software will filter email messages at the point of entry. Through proper configuration, the antispam system will effectively block messages that contain known spam footprints. On the other hand, you can manually allow certain suspected messages by white listing them. However, there is no need now to purchase a separate antispam appliance because you can simply deploy a unified threat management hardware that will provide WiFi security as well as spam protection. Such unified WiFi security appliance can simplify security management.

One of the most adverse effects of not deploying WiFi security and antispam appliance is that your mail server will be clogged by spam mails. Your company’s mail server can exceed its mail quota in a short time so you will not be able to receive legitimate mails. The email messages of your clients and prospects will bounce so you can lose a lot of customers because of spamming. At first glance, this problem can be solved easily by clearing your mail folders. However, if you are doing this everyday, your productivity will definitely suffer. You will just clear your mailbox everyday aside from the fact that legitimate emails will not be able to reach you.

Server crashes can also happen if you do not have a unified WiFi security and antispam appliance. Because of the huge volume of traffic that will try to access your mail server, your company will frequently suffer from server outages and breakdown. And as everyone knows, fixing server crashes is not simple. You will need the help of server administrator and technicians. It will also take time to bring back your mail server to its normal operation. So you will lose time and money because of spamming. With antispam appliance, your business will be spared from such events.

Unified WiFi security and antispam appliance can also effectively protect your network from malicious intrusions. Worms, Trojans, and viruses are usually attached to spam messages. Hackers develop new ways of going around your spam filters so your unsuspecting employees will open messages with multimedia attachments, messages with PDF attachments, and other seemingly legitimate mails. Once the malicious wares penetrate your system, it will spread like wildfire and wreak havoc on your network and computer systems. But with antispam appliance, these spam messages will be blocked by your security system even before they reach your mail servers.
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