SEO latest trend in the year 2009

This is the latest trend in the year 2009.Google is showing more trust to discussion forums this year and that discussion forums are dominating search engine results.Google has wisely made this switch especially for key phrases beginning with how , who , when etc.This has affected the websites cashing in on long tail keywords.

The main reason behind this switch seems to be obvious.When ever user uses search engines to find an answer to their question by putting in the keywords like 'Why my site disappeared from search results' , or 'When is the next PageRank update' etc , they are looking for some concrete answers or explanations which can only be provided by other people in the discussion forums who is either having the same problem or has similar problems in the past.No website or article directories will give the accurate answer for this type of questions except discussion forums.And as the Google say 'Concentrate on the user and the rest will follow' so in order to give the perfect or relevant answer (search result) to a query , Google algorithm has started to promote discussion forums rightly for Qphrases(long tail phrases used as a question).

Google trusts Discussion Forums

The picture clearly shows how the Qphrase 'Why my site has disappeared' has returned pages belonging to discussion forums only.

This means that Google has focussed on forums this year.Let's see as to how this change affects the SEO market.

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