Popular Mobile Broadband Technology

Mobile broadband, which has been popularized by Internet service providers like Clearwire, is a type of high speed Internet access that can be used on portable devices including lap top computers and high-tech cellular phones. The mobile broadband technology is offered wirelessly through the same networks that cell phones are connected to. So whether you are at home or at the office using a wireless modem, of if you are traveling about and using a wireless card, you can access the Internet at lightening fast speeds that will not slow you down.

The nice thing about mobile broadband providers like Clearwire is that you are not limited to Wi-Fi hotspots or home Internet connections. You can access the Internet from a car, from a train, from a bus, from a park, or anywhere else you please. You don’t have to stay at home, be stuck in the office or battle the crowds at the local coffee shop trying to get good Wi-Fi signals. All you need is a device that allows you to access the broadband networks, which are also called 3G networks or third generation networks.

Most people find that when they have mobile Internet it is worth the cost, but it is really not much of a price to pay for the convenience of accessing high speed Internet from any location in the service network. After purchase of a lap top computer and an inexpensive PC card, the monthly service cost for the mobile broadband access is as little as $30 a month, or more depending on what kinds of services you require. Service providers such as Clearwire offer a number of plans to meet consumers’ varying needs.

If you use the Internet for a variety of tasks and you are always on the go, mobile broadband is well worth considering.
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