SEO updates 2009

In this new year Google has undergone many major updates that will consequently effect the SEO world.Some of the major updates are listed below.
  • Google has started indexing flash content too : This update done by Google this year will take web designing to new heights as Google has has started indexing flash content and this will surely come as encouragement to the web designers who were forced to exclude flash from from their designing plan in order to SEOise their website.

  • Strong Google PageRank rules again : Website with strong Google PageRank will rule the charts this year as Google has increased the weightage of PageRank in their Search algorithm.Now search results page will be captured again by strong PR's.

  • Google falls in love with discussion forums : Don't be surprised if you see a dozen of pages from discussion forums being displayed on the first page of search results as forums have conquered the trust of Googie biggie.
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