Apple Tablet for Early 2010

Citing “people well-respected for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs,” AppleInsider has put its mongering reputation on the line by reporting the near-mythical Apple tablet will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2010.

Photo courtesy AppleInsider

According to AppleInsider, the tablet will have a 10″ inch display and be a 3G device. Pricing is pretty much a mystery. Bore than an iPhone, less than a Macbook, but that would be in line with previous reports of an $800 device. Reinforcing previous rumors, the company is in talks with Verizon for a network partner. If that were not enough rumor buzz, the device will not have Intel inside, but use a CPU from Apple-acquired P.A. Semi. The rumor theory is that Apple was dissatisfied with battery life of Intel’s Atom.

This would mark the culmination of development for a project that has been years in the making. According to AppleInsider, during that time “development was frozen and key aspects of the device rethought, retooled and repositioned.” Not surprisingly, Steve Jobs personally oversaw the product “from his home, office and hospital beds.” How fitting it would be to see the iconic CEO at an Apple Event that is not Macworld Expo in January, holding aloft the Next Great Thing.


I want to believe, too.

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